Decoding & mapping the principles of flow

Become a master of flow and unravel your superhuman potential!


Achieve a perfect fluidity in every situation

Connecting the latest neuroscientific research with a unique flow state inducing technique that joins the flow state science, breathwork and kinesiology, providing a powerful combination of trigger channels to optimally program the state of flow.

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You know that state we’re in, when we act with razor sharp focus, our confidence is overwhelmed with certainty, our body and mind adapts to the situation effortlessly. ​

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System with a strong scientific foundation that maps the principles of flow and serves as a roadmap for creating and maintaining the optimal state.

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The comprehensive app portal based on the principles of the FlowCode, your designated space for hacking into the flow, boost the optimal experience and turn it into a trait.

FlowCode offers coaching professionals a revolutionary approach to training clients & groups into a heightened experience of flow. Backed by 40 years of science & super effective programs for diverse end user groups, FlowCode is striving to bring flow to all levels of society and create a flow culture that would propel us forward as individuals and as a species.



a flowcoach

FlowCode offers revolutionary approach to training clients & groups into a heightened experience of flow.

  • Attract more clients with a completely new life coaching concept that addresses the flow state from a unique angle
  • Solve clients’ ever more present stress related problems, burnout syndrome and depression
  • Lead coaching sessions with the support of FlowHub programs & triggers

Get a complete turnkey solution, complete step by step support, start in a matter of weeks.

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Hack into the state of flow

Experience reality where there is no doubt or fear and achieve perfect fluidity in every situation.

  • For anyone who wishes to boost their potential and live a life in the state of flow
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  • Explore triggers & programs that will help you achieve a perfect fluidity in every situation

Specially adapted flow courses for end users are designed for simple, effective & easy use.


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project unity

Project Unity is built on the premise of the flow state as an optimal state of perception, self improvement and transcendence.
It’s mission is to expand the flow culture to all levels of society.

The concept of flow and its ultimate expression is a common ground and the great unifying concept that would bind us all into a new paradigm … UNITY.

The final aim is to create a true “Unity in diversity” … a unity based worldview paradigm that would create peace, harmony and unprecedented growth of human civilization.