3 Crucial ingredients of Flow state personality: Growth Mindset, Optimism & Connection

Going with the Flow or Being the Flow?

We are quite used to hearing the expression “Go with the flow”. When people tell us this they mean, “don’t worry too much”, “take it easy”, or “let life take you wherever you need to get”. They wish us well; they see we are stressed out and they want us to experience some peace of mind. However, being the Flow or being in the sweet spot is something radically different. Experiencing a flow state means feeling completely involved in an activity, feeling sharp concentration and joy in the process, so much so, that time seems to have been suspended. Being in the zone, as it is also called, is effortless. It is not life that takes us places, it is us producing and creating from a place of total flow state inspiration.

Flow state training – evaluation number 1: How can I play with this?

In my work as a coach, I have seen many clients work hard to get things right and overcome their daily obstacles. They are successful people who learned to equate sacrifice with success and fighting with achieving. They come to me because they cannot understand why they experience fear, lack of self-trust, and anxiety when they have everything they have ever wanted. The truth is they are doing everything but flowing. They lack the confidence, playfulness, and growth mindset that lead to living in the zone. If this resonates with you, ask yourself, “how can I play with this?” So many times, we experience a disconnect between the outside world’s expectations and our own deepest desires that we just lose our inner compass and our capacity to enjoy life.

When we align mind and heart and when we are capable of pausing to check our inner experience and tend to it, we start experimenting with our flow state. Take an honest break to see how you are living and with plenty of self-compassion see whether you are living on autopilot or whether you are living purposefully and with an embodied presence, which observes what is going on in your life and can make the necessary adjustments to live in the zone. Whatever answer you arrive at after your recess, embrace it and acknowledge that part of you that is crying for attention and tenderness. The good news is that you can lean to develop a flow personality. It is absolutely possible to develop a flow state into a personality trait.

Flow state training – evaluation number 2: How can we develop a flow personality?

The first thing I ask my clients is to be very clear about how they want to live and what they want to experience. Write it down, cut down pictures, make your flow vision board, or write down all your ideas on a journal that will start being your flow journal. Your intention to the flow is key.

Then, I ask them what time of the day they feel more inspired and energized. Is it in the morning/ afternoon /evening? Start playing with flow practices every day at the time of day that you feel at your best. The FlowCode portal offers a ton of beautiful flow practices (called triggers) like meditations, stretching activities, breathwork, rituals, binaural sound immersion and a lot more.

Flow state training – adding a little challenge

After that, I always suggest adding a little challenge to your flow state practice. Mind you, don’t stretch yourself so much that you can break but don’t keep your practice so easy that it ends up boring you. Seek enjoyment in everything you do. Little by little, I guarantee you will feel an opening in your chest, a sense of empowerment and fulfillment.

When we are caught in the machinery of doing and producing, our sense of self is contracted. Nevertheless, developing a flow personality will help you see your life experience with an eagle’s viewpoint. You will start feeling one with everything. You will need to contribute your gifts with the world. You will do things from a place of conscious and loving awareness and not from ego.

Flow state training according to Psychology and Neuroscience, the flow personality displays the following traits:

  • Growth Mindset: in life there will always be challenges, a flow personality will fall and rise feeling invigorated by the new learnings. In addition, a flow personality will feel a thirst for trying things out. There is total absence of fear of failure and an attitude of curiosity in the face of challenges.
  • Optimism: being able to experience flow provides a flow personality with enormous joy, faith, mental and emotional balance. In turn, it facilitates meeting one’s precious goals. I am sure you can recall a time when you felt so good and so capable that life seemed to smile at you at every turn. You were in the sweet spot.
  • Connection with our true needs and desires: a flow personality will learn to listen to the wisdom that lies inside them. They will understand that to live life on one’s own terms, it is necessary to feed our sense of Self with nourishing activities for the mind, body, emotions and soul. Flow personalities learn to distinguish social and cultural mandates from their truest call.

You have a choice to make, are you going to let life take you to places that you do not really enjoy? Alternatively, are you going to seek fulfillment, transcendence, and meaning in your life?

If you said yes to the latter, you have taken the first step to be a flow personality. At the FlowCode, we are more than delighted to share our tools to take your intention to the next level.

Written by Georgina Hudson

Georgina holds a M. Sc in Education. She’s a Transformational, Life and Strategic Intervention Coach. Her therapy is infused by her training in Coaching, Transpersonal Psychology and her specializations in Mindfulness, NLP, Neuroscience and Flow states. Georgina builds a trusting client-coach alliance to help her clients get the clarity to see the root causes of their challenges, enhance their inner strengths and adopt empowering beliefs to unleash their full potential. She has helped clients from all over the world for 24 years.

Georgina Hudson, M. Sc



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