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5 strategies to present yourself as an expert when you are starting as a coach

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How to look professional as a new coach?

You are just starting as a coach or considering starting a coaching business? Good for you (and for your future clients), the health and wellness industry is booming and your help will be much needed!

The first thing you need to consider to start a proper coaching business, obviously, is how to get educated, making sure you do follow all the steps to become a true master of your field. Work and dedication, here we come! (About this part, you might want to look at the packages FlowCode Coaching Academy is offering for coaches!)

Now, you studied, you worked, you are passionate … it is time you show the world who you are, both you and your coaching business!

So, here are 5 strategies you should quickly implement to show your expertise as a coach to your audience and land new clients!

1. Get early testimonials

Make sure to collect all the testimonials you can. They are very valuable and powerful. Share them on social media, on your website. But try to also be creative and find ways to show potential clients what other clients are saying about your work.

And when you ask testimonials to your clients, although you don’t want to write the testimonial instead of them (don’t do that 😉), make sure to guide them with some questions so you end up with valuable testimonials.

2. Host webinars

Webinars are a great way to get people to know what you do as a coach and educate them on a specific topic they are interested in, before eventually working with you. Hosting webinars is a really cool way to show your value and expertise.

Although you can totally create your webinar from scratch, when you work with the FlowCode Coaching Academy, you get 10 ready-to-present webinars on some fascinating flow state relative topics. A great point as I’m sure you are also lacking time!

3. Get your branding

Working early on on your branding is a major key that can contribute to showing you as a true professional. It means first having your brand strategy clear and on point, and then working on your brand design.

When your brand identity is clear, you look more coherent, you gain visibility with your communication and you definitely look more professional. (Join my webinar on May 26 : 5 BRANDING TIPS TO LOOK MORE PROFESSIONAL AS A SMALL BUSINESS)

4. Have your website

You might think that only bigger businesses need a website and that this doesn’t apply to you? Wrong! You are/have a business and there is absolutely no better way to get known than a website.

Your website is like a super cool business card! It is also a relentless employee working 24/7 to present your offers!

When your website is well built and attractive, it is very clear to spot in a second who you are and what you do. And with the proper forms in place, you will make sure everybody is able to reach you when they have a question … How professional is that!

5. Create valuable content

The last point I want to focus on in this blog is about creating content and sharing it with the world. For this to work, you have to be extra clear on what it is you are doing with your services, know well your audience and what their problems are. From there, give them regularly valuable advice on things they should or shouldn’t do, how, whyEducate them, and bring them to realize you are a true expert and they need you!

Whether you share on social media, have a blog, a podcast, a youtube channel … sharing free valuable content on a regular basis will proove your expertise. And the good point is that whatever you post, it remains, for future potential clients to find.

Establishing your credibility as a coach and showing your expertise is a very necessary step to make your business thrive!

Implement these 5 ideas and you will be on a good way with your coaching business!

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Article written by Claire Brignot

Graphic Designer & Founder of Febulous Studio (Branding & Website for wellness professionals)





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