About Nirvana® concept

The Nirvana® concept was born out of growing awareness about the importance of breathing and its ultimate influence on our lives.
Its mission is to bring this awareness into reality, fully, with all the positive side effects the appreciation of breath brings, on the physical and mental level.
Our initial efforts reflect in Nirvana®, a modality that combines the elements of yoga, pilates, functional movements, active spiral stretching, fascia training and other training types, forming a workout blend in the form of a choreography to specific music combined with predefined cued breathing patterns with binaural beats (theta waves) to efficiently balance your body & mind into the optimal state.

From here on Nirvana® just grew, as a concept, as a method, a lifestyle, a mission, an inspiration for further development, uniting a world wide family of coordinators, educators, state ambassadors, mentors, ambassadors, instructors with over 300.000 people worldwide regularly visiting classes.