The flow crew

The FlowCode research & development team is a group of international experts from psychology, kinesiology & flow state as well as many other areas of expertise (yoga, pilates, body conditioning, meditation & sound technology …) who joined their vast experience in an effort to create a vast treasury of simplified principles, rules & interventions that are proven to facilitate the state of flow in different circumstantial setups.

FlowCode Research & Development team

Sergej Petrović, MSc.

> Head of Research & Development team
> Scientific research & theory backup
> FlowCode & Nirvana program development
> MSc. / Awarded researcher / Concept developer

Milan Hosta, PhD.

> Breathing techniques & theoretical backup
> FlowCode philosophy co-developer
> Science behind breathing re-training effects
> Phd. philosophy / International speaker / Sport philosopher

Matej Tušak, PhD.

> Lecturing university professor (Faculty of sport, Slovenia)
> International expert in the field of sport & corporate psychology
> Consultant to olympic teams & top world athletes
> Author of over 300 scientific articles (applied sport psychology)

Stephane Pigeon, PhD.

> Development of ThetaWave sound technology
> Integration of binaural beats concept
> Science behind sound technology
> Phd. / Sound Consultant / Sound researcher

Katja Zupan,

> Head of Nirvana Instructor Network 
> Nirvana Education Expert
> Head of Nirvana program & education development
> Expert educator with 20+ years / Concept developer

Wilson Melloncelli

> Assistant development of the FlowCode concept
> Flow coaching applications
> Theoretical & practical flow trigger testing
> Martial arts expert / Life coach / Consultant

Guido Negraszus

> Development of music compilations
> Soundscape engineer
> Sound technology consultant
> Song writer/ Composer / 30+ years of music production

Anton Majhen, PhD.

> Assistant development of the Flow Coaching concept
> Flow coaching applications & practices feedback
> Head of slovenian coaching union
> Expert in team leadership, high performance & conflict management

Kristijan Musek, PhD.

> Lecturing university professor (UP Famnit)
> Head of Positive psychology department
> Author of over 50 books & manuals
> Expert in the field of positive psychology & education

Meta Zagorc, PhD.

> Lecturing university professor (Faculty of sport, Slovenia)
> Awarded researcher (Science of dance & sport conditioning)
> Author of over 100 books & research papers in the field of kinesiology
> Development feedback & consultation

Simon Brežan, MD

> Medical doctor (MD) / Brain & Mind researcher
> Cognitive neuroscience and medicine
> Faculty of medicine (Slovenia)
> Complex systems, synchronization, EEG, cognition

Rok Pišek, Golf pro

> Assistand development of FlowCoach golf modules
> Practical flow coaching application & feedback
> FlowCode triggers testing & evaluation
> Professional golf teacher

Mirjam Bravničar, PhD. / MD

> University professor (Faculty of sport, Slovenia)
> Assistant developer of FlowCode meditations
> Consultancy & review (field of physiology)
> Author of many books & scientific articles (sport physiology)

Leo Carver, flow blogger

> Articles on FlowCode & Nirvana
> Wellness writer & blogger
> Meditation Instructor
> Holistic life sciences

Expanded development FEEDBACK team

Meera Nair

15 years of experience in the group fitness & wellness industry, Nirvana education expert, speaker, AFFA certification specialist & examiner

Joanna Maggs

25 years experience in the wellness and natural health industry
Specialising in coaching yoga and yoga philosophy, tai chi, self development and mental awareness and meditation

John Van Heel

For more than 35 years entrepreneur within sports, health and lifestyle, career and personal potential development coach, initiator and project manager of New Health 2022, creating a European Lifestyle as medicine knowledge center, academy and network

Ritta Hurry

Stress Management and Flow Coaching, which includes meditation sessions to corporate companies in London UK,  One to One basis coaching and Flow Mindset techniques.

Nahula Ahmed

20 years of experience in the wellness , Nirvana education specialist, Nirvana instructor, FlowCoach, certified FISAF Fitness Leader and Personal Trainer and Master Trainer, Yoga Teacher

Preethi M

Nirvana fitness ambassador, Clinical Hypnotherapist,

Marketing & Backoffice Support team

Neža Karba - CEO, business development

> Nirvana Instructor Network Support system developer
> International expansion
> Back office & support team leader

Oliwia Borkowska - Sales manager

> International business development
> Education support
> Sales support

Claire Brignot - Marketing manager

> Community manager
> Blog marketing
> Development of French and Spanish speaking markets

Anja Avdagič - Customer Care Manager

> Customer Care Service
> International Shipping
> Logistic & warehousing

Klemen Teran - Internet manager

> IT manager
> Internet support & communication
> User experience feedback

Manja Jagodič Polajžer - Outfit Manager

> Outfit design
> Production & warehousing