Experiences & Testimonials

FlowCode offers coaching professionals a revolutionary approach to training clients & groups into a heightened experience of flow. Watch short video testimonials, coaching experiences & explanations from some of our FlowCode coaches and international educators from all over the world.

FlowCode Coach Leona Wallace (FlowCode education & practical experience)
FlowCode Coach dr. Milan Hosta (Coaching practice & cognitive flow alignment)
FlowCode Coach Vignon Guezo, Canada / FlowCode Coach Preethi M, India
NES Alice Freeman, Hong Kong / NEX Meera Nair, Singapore
NES Simona Pajaujiene, Lithuania / NES Neha Saxena Bagga, India
Below some more out of thousands of testimonials and experiences from over 30 countries:

Susan Pang
„The World definitely needs to breathe again…” Link

Bea Tabuñar
„One of the objectives of yoga and meditation is to let your breath be the focus of your mind. Nirvana gets students to focus on the length of the breath which improves the quality of the breath and the amount of oxygen that we get in our bodies. If you feel like yoga is not for you, Nirvana might be what you need!” Link

Lita C. Quisumbing
„… brand new fitness program which focuses on breath while doing functional Pilates and Yoga exercises. Try it, it is an amazing program!!!”
„Theta Wave Technology makes Nirvana Fitness such an amazing program. You have to experience the class to hear and feel the benefits of this technology.” Link

Helena Cesar Žarek
„NirvanaFitness is a new revolutionary and unique system which connects the positive/relaxing/healing music, rhythm & sound with a combination of pilates, yoga and functional exercises to improve flexibility, strength and body shape as well as a special technique and rhythm of breathing. This combination creates a wonderful solution for harmonizing of today’s rapid , chaotic and stressful lifestyle.” Link

Bernadette Wan Pacana
„Thank you for the wonderful class…” Link

Sergio Grieco
“It’s time to start a new story … E’ finalmente arrivato il giorno di presentazione di un programma che sono e sarò orgoglioso di rappresentare ed in cui ho creduto sin dal primo sguardo, un po’ come successe ormai anni fa per qualcos’altro…e c’è sempre più gusto a scrivere una storia che nessuno ha ancora ascoltato, il vento non mi piace seguirlo, lo preferisco contro, solo così posso respirarlo fino in fondo…JUST BREATHE !!!” Link

Beate Nähring
“Do something else and just relax. … breathe in… Breathe out… Relax… Only you and your breathing.” Link

Catherine Rose-Yates
„For me, Nirvana class helps me to calm down mentally, slow down my thinking, slow down my breathing and really reach a state of happiness peace and calm that I never thought possible before.

“I have used the breath activation with my son to help calm his exam stress, with clients to help their performance and for myself to help better deal with the demands of running a business alone.” Link

„This programme is awesome and has SO many benefits, not least 15 CEPs from AFAA and 1.9 from NASM!!!” Link

Carol Scott
„mindful program combing breath and movement … ECA believes Nirvana’s strong wellness component and mindful programming represents the next step in exercise and health.” Link

Shuhaidah MdNoor
„… elements of Yoga and Pilates together in one class. Nirvana Fitness makes it simple for instructors to lead this mind and body class by providing a music which will help them instruct the breathing patterns easily and accurately … This training is ideal for new yoga or pilates instructors, also very suitable for all group fitness instructors. It is highly recommended to those who want to become a Mind and Body group fitness instructors.”

Maya Kvas
„Feel freedom, relaxation, breathing and calmness. We all need this in our lives :).” Link

„… amazing and wonderful relaxing workout designed specially for people under stress and for those who feel they are having burned out syndrome. Relaxing music, breathing technique, exercises for toning and flexing your body plus relaxing atmosphere with candles and essential oils.”

Vivian Rockrohr
“Nirvana Fitness ist ein wunderbares Groupfitness Konzept, welches die verschiedensten Zielgruppen anspricht. Sei es die normale Groupfitness-Einheit, Firmenfitness mit dem Aspekt Born Out-Prävention, Rehabilitation, Entspannung, etc.”

Irena Pfundner Tkalec
„Nirvana je dihalni fitnes koncept. Eno uro ozavescenega dihanja v ritmu gibanja in glasbe. Sem prav prijetno “zadeta” od danasnje doze kisika v telesu.” Link

Tjasa Ucakar
„Yoga + pilates + conscious breathing = nirvana fitness”. Link

Nicoleta Mocanu

„The newest class that combines elements of Pilates, yoga and tai chi relaxation while eliminating oxidative stress …” Link

„I am a NirvanaFitness Instructor in Romania and I love to do this unic class with my clients!!!! I love to see the kids happy when they try NirvanaFitness or the men the same !!! I love to be in Nirvana Big Family !!!” Link

Preethi M
„Well, let me tell you with every Nirvana session, I’m getting more oxygenation, loosing my fat, gaining muscle, now a happy face, seven intentions fill you with positivity, stamina increase. Feels rejuvenateded at the end of the session. I’m looking younger. I feel at peace and my family feels the same about me, as I tell myself everyday peace begins with ME …” Link

Karol L. Mora
„Every single ‘session’, starting from the very first 1, has been special, liberating and most of all healing, for me; and today’s was no exception. Each time is a new experience, a new, improved, oh so pleasant/peaceful/yet muscle burning/stretching experience that keeps bringing more and more awareness within myself; my body, my brain, my heart.. This practice truly has marked my life and brought me closer to me!” Link

Mansi Dey
„Why NirvanaFitness??? Here’s the answer … It’s been 2 years journey with Nirvana fitness as a Nirvana instructor and I would like to thank NirvanaFitness for making me a stronger and a healthier person not only physically but mentally too. It has helped me in curing my post viral arthritis, improving my strength, stamina and flexibility. Made me much more calmer and a positive person.” Link

Gill Lindsay
„The calming flow of the body and mind with a breathing technique to improve your health.” Link

Monika Krzyzynska
„I am soooo loving it… amazing blend of relaxing music, perfect workout and dose of oxygen… there is no better way to find a peace and see your body improving from one session to another…” Link

Bhuvana Krishnan
„I am a hardcore conventional hatha yoga practitioner. Nirvana fitness perfectly fits into my fitness frame..oneness of body and mind.I should say I am addicted to Nirvana now.I wake up everyday looking forward to my date with Nirvana.Thank you Nirvana for this brilliant kick start to the second innings of my life.It is an awesomely comprehensive fitness training.True that Nirvana transcends one into Nirvana.I strongly recommend Nirvana breathing fitness for a holistic lifestyle!” Link

Mariah Nawawi
„It’s a great excersice ! Flow with the music, stay focus, connected to oneself, toned up, sweat, de-stressed and most of all the extra oxygenation do good to your body!” Link

John Rodriquez
„I had my first class on Saturday & loved it. On Sunday night I awoke about 2 AM and was having trouble getting back to sleep, so I did the 4/8 breathing in bed and got back to sleep. That night I achieved 4hrs 12mins deep sleep! This is the first night in years where my deep sleep exceeded my light sleep and my average deep sleep is between 1 and 2 hours!” Link

Nicoletta Guidarini
„Amazing lessons with an amable sounds relaxing and detoxing!!!! it’s wonderful to try absolutely!!!!” Link

Reen Radjawali
„I am one of the NirvanaFitness Instructors, what more can I say..???” Link

Angela J. DesPrez
„Amazing workout & relaxation class! Everyone should be doing this!” Link

Suvitha Ajit
„Awesomeeeee”. Link

Neha Saxena Bagga
„NirvanaFitness® Is the best thing that could have happened to me in this lifetime. I am blessed to be part of this beautiful program and to spread the awareness all around. NirvanaFitness® Is just not any other fitness program, it’s a lifestyle which everyone should inculcate to keep their mind and body healthy, active and rejuvenated! NirvanaFitness® IS THE NEED OF THE HOUR!” Link

Meera Nair
„This is by far one of the best workout that involves Strength, Flexibility together with Breathing and Mindful music that uses Theta wave Technology for deep relaxation. Easy to follow and easy to teach as an instructor. Proper Breathing is the key to happy & healthy living.” Link

Roberta Barrera
„It detoxifies the body and is also suitable for those suffering from anxiety and stress. Relaxing, it helps people eliminate stress, anxiety, chronic pain and even depression.” Link

Marga Margo
„Wonderful Nirvana” Link

Sravani Reddy Sravs
„Amazing workout & relaxation class! Every one should be doing this!” Link

Mojca Slegl Ekart
„Doing NirvanaFitness makes me happy.” Link

Magda Franceschino
„It’s a truly innovative fitness program. You learn to control your breathing with beneficial effects on our health and effective at fighting daily stress. I recommend you try it.” Link

Samina Naz
„An amazing program, helps you to breathe better to maximize your lunge capacity, get rid of stress and anxiety, detox the body & mind at the same time toning and strengthening the muscles and also increases into flexibility. You come out of class with a complete relaxed and fresh mind.”

Alice Chew
„I am a NIRVANA instuctor in Sabah, East Malaysia. I teach adults and kids. I am very thankful that I am able to help others to start a healthy lifestyle.” Link

Manasa Machani
„A Super-Feeling, Mindful Program that has Triple-Benefit Effect of Body-Detox, Mind-Detox & Body-Toning. It’s Breathing to Music – Every Breath Counts – that’s Addictive & Super-Effective. This really boosts my energy, reduces physical and mental burnout and stress buildup. A unique, science-based program that slows down your daily breathing pattern, that regenerates your body to achieve your optimal health. Nirvana Fitness Makes it Possible!” Link