Flow state training / What is the process of becoming a FlowCode Coach?

The FlowCode® Coach Program is an online flow state training course allowing you to follow it in your own time and pace with the help of innovative coaching tools & the support of a worldwide flow state coaching community.

When you register, you get access to your FlowHub PRO account that includes: studying platform with the theoretical part, flow state coaching method, FlowCode triggers & programs, marketing & promotion, online exam, mentoring & support. Individual meetings with a FlowCode Mentor, Flow HQ, and FlowCode Coach international community will support the self-study period. 

  1. PICK UP YOUR REGISTRATION OPTION: You start by picking up a suitable package. For details, click HERE.
  2. YOUR STUDY BEGINS: After registration, you get access to your FlowHub PRO = your back office, where you study FlowCode, have access to theory and the practical part (FlowHub 7), online test, and storage of all the marketing materials and tools. 
  3. MEETING WITH A FLOW MENTOR: Shortly, you get contacted by our Flow Mentor, who gives you additional guidelines and support. 
  4. ONLINE EXAM: When you are ready (after approximately 3-6 weeks), you do the online exam followed by a verification meeting with a Flow mentor.
  5. YOU ARE CERTIFIED: You get your certificate and officially become part of our Flow global family.

The time of the process depends on your previous knowledge, experience, speed of learning, etc. However, the average learning process takes approximately between 3 – 6 weeks. There are no specific requirements to join this course; everyone is welcome in the flow.

flow state training FlowCode Coach
flow state training FlowCode Coach

Did you also know this course may be used for ICF CREDENTIAL RENEWAL (International Coaching Federation)(100 hours in Resource development)?

What exactly does the FlowCode program include?


  • FlowCode theory (manual and 43 video lessons)
  • FlowCode coaching manual – FlowCode method, how to coach, types of sessions, working with clients, supporting documents, tips, good practices etc.
  • The FlowHub7 LIFETIME access (Portal with 700 + techniques and programs in video form with instructions)
  • Ready-to-use sessions, webinars/workshop templates, slides, marketing
  • Marketing & Promotion package (manual and ready-to-use materials for promotions, offering system and pricing models)
  • “How to implement the FlowHub7 portal into your coaching” manual
  • “Crush your Coaching Challenges with FlowCode” manual
  • Online exam + certificate
  • One hour of coaching with a FlowCode Mentor


  • Option of further talks with a FlowCode Mentor (you get continuous support while in program).
  • Become a part of global coaching community (exchange thoughts, be part of coaching mastermind group online sessions)
  • Career progression: We offer many options of career progression within our system to the certified FlowCode coaches. Become a mentor, educator or ambassador, generate new clients via FlowCode community, and get exposure that your career as a coach deserves.
  • Regular invitations to the live FlowCode sessions & webinars curated for coaches like you.
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