How is FlowCode connecting coaches from all over the world?

Coaching can be an individualistic business, everyone struggling for themselves, nobody you can turn to when you need some advice or just somebody to complain about after a challenging session. As a coach, you need inspiration, a sense of mission, purpose, a source of energy you can draw from to empower your clients.

Online or on-site coaching?

Juggling between online and on-site sessions? Our answer: Use the best of both worlds. Learn what exactly do we mean by that.

How to go beyond one-on-one sessions with your clients

When a group coaching program is done right, clients develop a relationship with you and the group members and gradually grow their trust. Moreover, they start trusting the process – and they stay on track & accountable for it. And what’s the most important: they stay with you long term.

Why add FLOW in your coaching?

At the Flow Global Initiative, we see & teach the flow as the center of human striving, the optimal state we can be in, the foundation for inner peace, happiness, transcendence, and self-mastery, the basis for all further actions, improvements, or any other actions type of transformation. Learn more about why you should add this to your coaching!

The art of managing stress and anxiety

Our FlowCode Expert Dave Florence is doing a FlowCode Crash Course about the Art Of Managing Stress & Anxiety. Obviously it is one of the most discussed topics of modern time and quickly it becomes a cliché but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be discussed. Quite the contrary. So this inspired us to write about this topic in further detail.

Miracles of water

Being a little low on water is a bigger deal than most people think. Research proves that even a 2% deficit can affect our mental and physical well-being.

It’s Not Just “Water In, Water Out”. It seems like it should be pretty basic, drink when you’re thirsty; pee when you have to go. You’re good. Right? Not quite.

Breathwork – Weightloss magic wand

We all need to breathe, so breathing is intricately woven into our every metabolic pathway. This article is aimed at clarifying connection between breathing and weight management. It does not just explain fat loss, but also takes into equation our appetite, amount of food intake, calories burnt during activities and how our body & mind as a whole reacts to all this factors …

The human touch

For thousands of years, humans only communicated in person, but in just the past few years we have started also communicating online. But human socialization is very important for mental and emotional health. Learn how the flow state and social flow alignment are a much needed factor to improve our overall quality of life.

Boost your immune system with flow

It’s been more than a year that the world is living a global pandemic, and the stress that this causes can deeply affect our immune system. Taking away the negativity with Flow is the key to boosting our immune system and resisting this virus.

Let flow into your heart

OUR HEART is not only an organ that pumps blood to the body but it is a place of LOVE.  It pumps love to every

The Power of the Seven Mindsets

Have you heard of the seven mindsets? They are actually powerful and positive mindsets that when implemented and integrated into your life can have profound

Unite / We are stronger than corona

Give me a moment… let’s talk about the real pandemicLet’s talk about what’s really making people sick Let’s talk about what’s really taking over. The

Play! Life is too short to be serious

Babies are born with a large spirit, until the growing up process takes over and we lose our ability to play. Being playful is deeply important. Learn more about the Playful Mindset and why you need to be playful everyday.

Fight fear with flow

As humankind we have found ourselves in the midst of unprecedented circumstances following the global viral pandemic that is sweeping throughout the world. The current


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