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3 Benefits to FlowCode Coaching

There is an amazing opportunity to use your gifts to help others perform at their best. How can the FlowCode Academy help you optimize your coaching business and leverage your clients’ success? FlowCode coaching is the key!

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset – what is it really about

As Dr. Huberman puts it: growth mindset at its core is about driving dopamine release from the effort and strain process, to put it into other words, contrary to popular belief, dopamine is not released when you get a reward but released when you recognize that you’re on the right path to get a reward.

A perfect retreat

A PERFECT RETREAT…to restore and rejuvenate

We go on and on in circles to keep up with the very fast paced life we are living in these days. The need to keep up with our own expectations and the expectations of others takes a toll on our emotional, mental and physical well- being.

5 Content Writing Hacks for Coaches: Flow Colors

5 Content Writing Hacks for Coaches

If the words SEO, keyword tool, Google rankings, and content calendar make you break out in a sweat, don’t worry. It’s not as complicated or daunting as the professional digital marketers make out. With our 5 content writing hacks for coaches, you will have a strong foundation for content writing mastery.

The 8 Commandments of Social Media

The 8 Commandments of Social Media

A reference guide for every coach, instructor, educator, or other service solo business owner who wants to do social media effectively – the way it

flow state coaching

The power of FlowCode in my coaching programs

Building a successful coaching program with the power of Flowcode as my support system is very important.The Flowcode system is amazing and I was super excited when I first became a certified Flowcode coach.

Flow state personality

3 Crucial ingredients of Flow state personality: Growth Mindset, Optimism & Connection

According to Psychology and Neuroscience, the flow personality displays the following traits: Growth Mindset: in life there will always be challenges, a flow personality will fall and rise feeling invigorated by the new learnings.
Optimism: being able to experience flow provides a flow personality with enormous joy, faith, mental and emotional balance.
Connection with our true needs and desires: a flow personality will learn to listen to the wisdom that lies inside them.

Flow state training & flow state coaching with FlowCode Coaching Academy

Leverage your certification within the flow state coaching business?

The faster the world and its deadlines the more people are turning toward mindfulness practices and wellness coaches to find balance. Whether you already have a coaching practice (like I do) or are looking to step into this field of expertise, FlowCode offers a unique and multi-layered flow state system to support your clients and your ability to serve more professionally and holistically.

FlowCode - Flow state training

Define Your Training Niche – A Step-by-Step Guide

As more and more coaches enter the market to serve a growing clientele, narrowing down your niche is a good way to increase sales and build a solid coaching business. Read on for our step-by-step guide on how to define your coaching niche.

FlowCode / Flow state training & Flow state coaching


Each year people make resolutions like quit smoking, lose weight, create a habit to wake up early, make more money, start a business, exercise, take up a course….and many more. Sadly, most give up within the next few days and get back to where they started. This is because of a lack of clarity on how to achieve it. Every resolution or a goal must have a supporting plan of action.

FlowCode Flow state coaching / Flow state training

The Benefits of Group Flow State Coaching for Your Clients

Regardless of whether you are an experienced coach or only starting out, offering group coaching sessions makes a lot of sense. Not only do you spend less time helping more clients, but you also scale your coaching business without having to work 24/7. Most of you care deeply about your client experience and in this context, I’d like to discuss the benefits of group coaching for clients. You will soon discover, they are plentiful.



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