Project Unity – Short presentation

#1: Revolutionary personal & societal paradigm based on flow philosophy#2: Unique concept category … flow culture#3: Non-profit Project Unity concept with global exposure#4: Turnkey solutions#5:

Mapping the flow personality

The flow chart/infographics on the next page tries to represent 50 years of development of flow state science based on many research papers & time

We are one

Everything is interconnected. There are no limits or borders in what is a part of our existence. Nothing is external. Even from a basic neurological

Path to Unity

“It begins with a choice. A choice between pretense or honesty. Between fabricated scarcity or the abundance of reality. A choice that is ours to

Flow & transcending death anxiety

Awareness of human mortality arose some 150,000 years ago. In that extremely short span of evolutionary time, humans have fashioned a single basic mechanism through

Paradigm change challenges

Effective paradigm change is facing many inherent challenges, namely the human condition. We have evolved through extensive evolutionary search pattern that gave rise to a

The Value of a FlowCode Mentor

What is the role of a mentor? The role of a mentor is to: Help build your self-reliance and leadership skills. Help you discover your

Change perception … change reality

“The world” is the broadest environment that is cognitively, practically and emotionally relevant. “The world” should not be identified with “the earth,” nor with “the

Constructing a Flow paradigm

Maximizing personal and global happiness & fulfillment One of the biggest problems of present society is the effect of overall change and acceleration on human

Evolution of worldview paradigms

Worldview concerns how we perceive the world and with it, it influences our whole cognition, experience & outlook on life, from bottom up. Throughout human

Flow state & self actualization

Based on immense technology upgrades as one of important factors of how we perceive life around us, which also ensure way more connected world with

Universal values

“Word are just words, what matters is the connection they imply.” Definitive approach to effective internalization of universal values The values of peace, freedom, social


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