Learn how to master your social media content strategy

For coaches, instructors and educators who are looking to rock their online presence like pros.

Hi, we are Claire & Maja.

we’ll teach you how to unlock the system that will allow you to

…without spending hours on it nor being overwhelmed by it.

Let us guess ...

You provide a service that you are proud of and very passionate about. 

Now you want to showcase your experiences, skills, and expertise on social media and build a strong online community, but you are totally overwhelmed by it.

You’ve tried to build a strong presence online in the past but failed

Because you haven't been consistent, or the number of followers wasn't coming as fast as you'd expected. As a result you've lost focus and just stopped doing it all together.

You get overwhelmed by the idea of having to create daily content

You know you have to be consistent on social media, but you end up scrolling and looking for inspiration for the content you should post. Before you act on it, hours have passed, and you still haven't come up with anything you think your audience will appreciate.

You want to boost your online presence & grow your business

But you think you are not doing it well enough because you don't see any positive results in doing it. So, it must be that you're doing something wrong.


In this day and age, you simply cannot afford not to be online, not be present on social media regularly, and not create valuable content around your services.

The thing is: You just haven’t built the right system YET!

Join the FREE WORKSHOP: Learn how to master your social media content strategy and unlock the system that will allow you to consistently create & distribute quality content on social media without spending hours on it.


Hi, I'm Maja

– Digital Marketing Expert –
Maja Sarlah - Best flow state training & flow state coaching practices with FlowCode Coaching Academy
Maja Sarlah - Flow state training & flow state coaching with FlowCode Coaching Academy

I help coaches, instructors & educators like you who want to stop spinning on a hamster wheel by selling their hours for money.

Listen, I get it. You are overwhelmed by the amount of information on promoting your work and getting new clients, resulting in you being frustrated and not doing much action. Am I right?

Honestly, I think you need clarity, renewed focus, and a system that suits your business model and that you can actually follow.

And that is precisely why I’ve created RAD GRADE.

Come to this workshop – you’ve got nothing to lose but gain massively!

Hi, I'm Claire

– Graphic designer –

I made it my mission to help you as wellness entrepreneurs and coaches reach higher recognition, increase your visibility & grain credibility … all of this serving your business growth.

I want you to be able to share your passion with the world and build a successful business. And I believe it starts with your brand strategy and design.

I created Febulous Studio to serve this mission and bring you amazing visual identities, web design, top-notch coaching and marketing materials and a strong and recognizable social media presence … 

We crafted this workshop with Maja to be super valuable for you and straight to the point! So, what are you waiting for? Join us! 

Come to this workshop if you want to

In short: After this workshop, you’ll have a “time-saving” system that will allow you to consistently create & distribute content that perfectly fits your personal brand goals.


Free workshop: Learn how to master your social media content strategy

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