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Go beyond one-on-one coaching

Flow state coaching clients / How to go beyond one-on-one sessions

When a group coaching program is done right, clients develop a relationship with you and the group members and gradually grow their trust. Moreover, they start trusting the process – and they stay on track & accountable for it. And what’s the most important: they stay with you long term.

The art of managing stress and anxiety with flow state coaching

Our FlowCode Expert Dave Florence is doing a FlowCode Crash Course about the Art Of Managing Stress & Anxiety. Obviously it is one of the most discussed topics of modern time and quickly it becomes a cliché but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be discussed. Quite the contrary. So this inspired us to write about this topic in further detail.

The human touch / Flow state coaching

The human touch / Flow state coaching

For thousands of years, humans only communicated in person, but in just the past few years we have started also communicating online. But human socialization is very important for mental and emotional health. Learn how the flow state and social flow alignment are a much needed factor to improve our overall quality of life.

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We are one / Flow state training

Everything is interconnected. There are no limits or borders in what is a part of our existence. Nothing is external. Even from a basic neurological

Flow state science & Universal values

Flow state science & Universal values

“Word are just words, what matters is the connection they imply.” Definitive approach to effective internalization of universal values The values of peace, freedom, social