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Offer companies a complete flow & wellbeing solution with group interventions, workshops, flow teambuildings …


Become a Corporate Flowcoach and offer companies a complete flow & wellbeing solution by implementing individual and group interventions, workshops, short and long term flow corporate programs, flow teambuildings and more. Start with FlowCoach corporate module and learn how to organize the flow company program.

Boost in creativity, productivity & learning

Achieve effective employee engagement  

Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism    

Increase active work time spent in the state of optimal flow

Flow opens up the next level in human performance, heightens creativity, increases performance and accelerates problem solving.

World class experts on psychology, kinesiology & flow state have developed a cutting edge Flow® Corporate program that includes a science based implementation of the flow state & complete wellness solution in one to increase the overall productivity & workplace enjoyment.

Flow® Corporate system has been developed with intention to bring the knowledge and benefits of flow state into the corporate environment in order to improve lives of everyone involved.

We spend most of our waking hours working … this is not likely to change. Our mission is to make a workplace as enjoyable as possible, to improve wellbeing of company staff & energize you and your team to experience the fulfilling state of flow. 

corporate COURSE

Flow® Coaches are further able to diversify knowledge and application of flow to different target groups with the help of flow specific education modules.

Flow programs & triggers that will make your company flow

With flow system for corporations you are able to teach companies how to achieve optimal flow on an employee level and on the level of a company by integrating a comprehensive turnkey solution that delivers mind-blowing results in the shortest possible time span. 

Daily flow triggers are delivered with the help of the FlowHub app which will motivate employees to plan and participate at their own pace. Aim is to encourage flow inducing habits, mindsets, physical activity and optimized breathing.

Expand your offer with comprehensive flow company programs

You will be able to perform flow initiation workshops, create flow in one or two day team building setup or use full scale 12 month program that you can offer to corporate clients by implementing additional on ground flow related classes with included support from Flowhub 7 app with variety of workplace flow programs.

Specialized marketing & presentation materials

With the package you also get complete materials for presentation purposes in order to successfuly market your new knowledge in theform of different offers for different target groups. You receive lecturing slides for different workshop formats, A4 Flow corporate flow coaching offers, motivational posters, FlowCorporate PDF manual , complete programmed options etc.

FlowHub® Pro & FlowHub® 7 apps

Get access to ready made flow triggers & programs for workplace environment

Get access to additional Flow® Corporate module section with ready made flow triggers & programs adapted to workplace with all educational support & marketing materials to sucessfully promote your new knowledge to individual clients or groups.

FlowCode lessons

With over 3 hours of fantastic presentations that bring extensive, easy to use knowledge of flow science & FlowCode method at your fingertips.

Wide variety of flow triggers & programs

Choose from over 700 different flow triggers with accompanying programs for every possible situation, whch you can easily adapt to your different client needs and setups.

With Flow® Corporate module, you also receive access to the FlowHub® 7 app portal with flow workplace programs & triggers, which enables you to seamlessly deliver your coaching content to your client’s phone or desktop.

Adapted workplace flow programs

Adapted programs & interventions for specific setups one can find in corporate environment (before work, short flow breaks, at desk flow interventions with individual and group setup options, …) 

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