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An international community of Coaches, Ambassadors, Mentors, Educators who use the FlowCode coaching system, supporting each other in our journeys, bringing flow state to ourselves, our clients and society as a whole.

Coaching can be an individualistic business, everyone struggling for themselves, nobody you can turn to when you need some advice or just somebody to complain about after a challenging session.

As a coach, you need inspiration, a sense of mission, purpose, a source of energy you can draw from to empower your clients.

Here, at the FlowCode Coaching Academy, we decided to take an active role by building a community of coaches like you into a strong network: we started connecting coaches, ambassadors, education experts, researchers, and developers, to bring the awareness of flow broader. We aim to become a central organization that is providing quality materials & tools of all levels to facilitate coaches’ work and present a unified flow front, strong and inspired to spread the mission further.
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And this is not just a flow story; the more we are in flow, the closer we are to Unity.

Our Project, Unity NGO, was developed to bring flow culture to life and share flow principles and concepts with the general public on all levels.

It is an exciting paradigm for personal and societal change, a common ground, a ground for all of us to grow from and create a new, improved society based on Unity.

FlowCode Academy Educators

Dr. Rick Sessinghaus / Golf Mental Game Expert / Golf performance coach

Dr Rick Sessinghaus

I co-founded FlowCode® Golf Academy with the purpose of helping others realize their full potential and live their dreams.
FlowCode® Golf Academy offers the same proven success formula that has helped athletes to anyone motivated to live like a champion.

Long intrigued by the fact that physical skills were rarely the determining factor in athletic success, Rick & the FlowCode team studied the mental and emotional skills that make or break a performance.

FlowCode Education Expert Meera Nair / Flow state experience & testimonials

Meera Nair

I have been in the fitness & wellness industry for more than 30 years and over the years I taught many different classes as an education specialist.

I got introduced to FlowCode through NirvanaFitness. I was enjoying my journey as a NirvanaFitness Education Expert, and FlowCode appeared. What can I say? It just blew me away! I have been practicing FlowCode since 2019 and the more I go, the deeper I flow. FlowCode helps me to be more grounded. It has also opened up another door of opportunities for me in my career path.

Flowcode coaching academy - Flow state coaching - Flow state science

Mike Rosenfeld

I am a Peak Performance Coach, Flow State Expert, Breathwork Therapist and founder of TRUE Performance. I work with world champion athletes, Fortune 500 CEO’s and elite teams of all kinds. I provide the tools essential to achieve success. My work has been featured on NBC, ABC, Oprah Radio, and a number of other media publications.

I incorporate research-based best practices in neuroscience, optimized vitality, applied positive psychology, flow state research and multiple breathwork modalities. Clients call me their “secret weapon” due to my ability to help them access previously untapped sources of power, flow, and performance.

Flowcode coaching academy - Flow state coaching - Flow state science

Monica Evert

I have a lifetime of experience in the mind/body/spirit field, being a Master Trainer, published author and speaker. I have trained and mentored students and clients in mind body movement and spirit practices for 40+ years.

I like to maintain numerous certifications, culminating in my role as a FlowCode Coach: FlowCode brings together a lifetime of training and practice in an incredible system that allows me to assist others in the most optimal way possible.

Flowcode coaching academy - Flow state coaching - Flow state science

David Florence

It took me a bang to the head, to change how I interacted with and moved through the world.

This bang acted as a catalyst for change and kick started a search for better psychological and physiological health.

After a number of years of research and practice, much of which chronicled in my YouTube channel – ‘Evolution of Dave’, I have now established a series of practices and protocols that have significantly improved my mind and body.

Flowcode coaching academy - Flow state coaching - Flow state science

Leona Wallace

I have over ten years of experience as a Wellness Advocate. I’ve been leading Wellness Retreats around the world incorporating FlowCode methods, NirvanaFitness, meditation and self-development processes. My work revolves around leading others to be the best version of themselves through successful Flow and Self-Love Techniques, Tools and Strategies. I am a Certified Life Coach, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker and Educator, Author and a NirvanaFitness Instructor. I first joined FlowCode as a Coach and Ambassador, then became a Mentor so I help other FlowCode Coaches on their journey and finally also the Education Expert leading and developing continuous education modules.


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Flowcode coaching academy - Flow state coaching - Flow state science


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