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Golf performance system / Adidas / Company flow state training / flow state corporate trainings / FlowCode Corporate Academy
Golf performance system / Taylor made / Company flow state training / flow state corporate trainings / FlowCode Corporate Academy
Golf performance system / PGA / Golf flow state training & programs / flow state corporate trainings / FlowCode Corporate Academy
Cisco / Company flow state training / flow state corporate trainings / FlowCode Corporate Academy
YMCA / Company flow state training / flow state corporate trainings / FlowCode Corporate Academy
US Bank / Company flow state training / flow state corporate trainings / FlowCode Corporate Academy
Knight insurance / Company flow state training / flow state corporate trainings / FlowCode Corporate Academy
All state / Company flow state training / flow state corporate trainings / FlowCode Corporate Academy
"44% of workers say they would be less likely to leave if they had a well-communicated benefits program."
Aflac workforce report
"The cost to replace an employee can be anywhere from 30% to as much as 150%."
"Approximately 35% of all Workers’ Compensation Claims are related to back injuries and the large majority of these injuries are EASILY PREVENTABLE!"
World health organisation (WHO)
"60% of all deaths are due to chronic diseases. Chronic diseases include heart disease, stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes."
World health organisation (WHO)
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Roadmap To The Flow State


The FlowCode framework is built upon two integral segments

Learn flowcode

FlowCode Courses (Applications)

Lifetime Access

Enroll in our courses to gain comprehensive knowledge of the FlowCode and its practical applications, providing you with a solid foundation to begin your journey into flow training.


INTEGRATE flowcode

Flow Club (Programs & Techniques)

Monthly/Yearly membership

Embrace flow as the guiding principle of your life, train it, cultivate it, make it a habit so that it is not just a state but a trait, a way of life and mastering the mental game in all areas.

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Step 1

LEARN flowcode

FlowCode Corporate Academy


FlowCode® Coaching Academy represents a community of top experts in the field of flow state that joined forces to create and educate a new paradigm based on the philosophy of flow.
World’s best flow state courses & programs are educating an integral approach toward reaching self mastery & transcendence through the paradigm of flow.

Corporate Academy Presentation

Discover the ultimate team synergy with our programs, where collective excellence and unprecedented growth go hand in hand. Dive into a world where confidence, focus, and a deep immersion in the present lead to exponential improvement and a stress-free work environment. Unlock your team’s full potential and experience the optimal state of flow with our tailor-made triggers and strategies.

Take Your Leadership From Fear To Flow

Embark on a journey from fear to flow with our master class, designed to equip you with strategies for overcoming fear and boosting confidence, paving the way for sustained flow. Discover the power of mindfulness, visualization, and positive self-talk in transcending limitations and unlocking your full potential. Master the ‘flow performance loop’ to optimize your ability to thrive in any situation.

Managing Workplace Flow Two Flow Waves

Dive into the ‘Managing Workplace Flow’ master class to master the art of daily flow management using the innovative ‘Two Flow Waves model’. Discover how to optimize your workday by understanding the science behind our attentional resources and learning strategies to maximize productivity while minimizing fatigue. Join us to learn how to replenish your mental energy and experience flow in your professional life.


Transform your leadership and learn to infuse flow into your team and company culture, enhancing creativity, productivity, and problem-solving. This comprehensive course offers practical strategies, science-based insights, and techniques for a flow-centric workplace.


Join FlowCode’s ‘Flow to Unity’ Corporate Program and transform your team’s dynamics. Our neuroscience-based approach enhances leadership, boosts productivity, and fosters team coherence. Master the art of flow with live session and expert FlowCode coaching team.


Experience transformative growth with Dr. Rick Sessinghaus at FlowCode Live Events. Our group flow experiences, including clinics, keynotes, and workshops. Elevate your performance with our engaging, customized sessions and get your company into the state of flow.

Flow Corporate Workshops

Discover the transformative power of Flowcode’s Corporate Workshops and 4-Week Premium Integration Programs, a suite of over 20 flow corporate program, tailored to elevate your professional capabilities. Engage with our diverse range of workshops, each led by renowned experts, designed to integrate flow into various aspects of your corporate life:

Workplace Flow Integration Programs

FlowCode introduces a suite of Workplace Flow Integration Programs designed to seamlessly blend the principles of flow into the corporate environment. From the dynamic ‘Workplace Flow Activation’ that focuses on movement and embodiment to the comprehensive ‘Optimal Flow Workweeks’ offering full daily programs, these initiatives are tailored to enhance productivity, creativity, and well-being.

Not sure yet?


Book a 15-minute video call with our Co-Director, Hallam Morgan that can walk you through the program and the business opportunities within our system.

Flowcode golf academy - Golf mental game coaching

Step 2

INTEGRATE flowcode

Flow Club

Your Gateway to Mastering Flow

Discover the power of being 'in the zone' through a scientifically-backed, systematic approach. Unleash your potential with our comprehensive toolkit designed for both personal breakthroughs and professional excellence.

FlowClub - How To Enter Flow State

FlowCode Hub App Portal

Embark on a journey to mastery with the FlowCode Hub, where the elusive state of flow becomes an attainable reality.

⦿ Over 1000 Flow Triggers & Programs

Access an extensive variety of techniques to consistently achieve the flow state.

⦿ 100+ Hours of Exclusive Content

Immerse yourself in unique educational materials delving deep into the flow science.

⦿ Access To Flow Journeys

Explore tailored pathways that cater to your personal flow objectives.

⦿ Comprehensive Archives

Revisit every coaching session for sustained learning and development.

FlowClub - How To Enter Flow State, , learn how to achieve flow state, flow state training, flow state coaching portal

Live Coaching Sessions

Join our exclusive live coaching sessions, engage with experts, get a deeper insight and practical application of flow principles. 

⦿ Personalized Feedback

Receive direct, personalized feedback on your application of flow principles, allowing for real-time adjustments and improvements.

⦿ Interactive Learning

Engage in live discussions and Q&A sessions, fostering a dynamic learning environment that caters to your questions and challenges.

⦿ Immediate Application

Learn practical techniques and strategies during the sessions that you can immediately apply to enhance your flow.

FlowClub - How To Enter Flow State, , learn how to achieve flow state, flow state training, flow state coaching portal

Live Flow Boosts

Experience daily live boosts designed to immerse you into the flow. Just tune in and let flow take over.

⦿ Instant Improvement

Quickly enhance your flow state, leading to immediate increases in productivity and a more positive mindset.

⦿ Daily Expert Access

Benefit from daily interactions with experts, receiving guidance and support tailored to optimize your flow experience.

⦿ Easy Integration

Seamlessly incorporate flow techniques into your daily routine, fostering an environment of continuous growth and efficiency.

How to Enter Flow State Effortlessly, learn how to achieve flow state, flow state training, flow state coaching portal


Introducing FLOWCODE AI Coach, an AI-driven platform designed for your personal growth in mastering flow with personalized guidance.

⦿ Science-Based Answers

Understand flow states through precise, research-backed explanations.

⦿ Resource Access

Instant links to flow triggers and programs in the Flow Club.

⦿ Interactive Challenges

Prompts for self-reflection and growth.

⦿ Personalized Coaching

Customized programs and support from FlowCode’s vast knowledge base.

Meet Your Trainers

Learn From The World’s Top Flow Experts, Teachers, Authors And Paradigm Changers

Director of FlowCode® Golf Academy & life long mental coach of Collin Morikawa  Mental golf performance coach, PGA Pro. Long intrigued by the fact that physical skills were rarely the determining factor in athletic success, Rick & the FlowCode® team studied the mental and emotional skills that make or break a performance.
Hallam Morgan is a renowned mental skills coach specializing in the development of elite competitive athletes by equipping them with the necessary skills to maximise performance and fulfilment. Hallam has rich experience working with top European tour players, helping them reach true potential through flow.
Niall Breslin is a seeker and speaker of truth. He is a thought leader, speaker, bestselling author & podcast host, composer & athlete. His currency is change, & his mission is to help drive that change, both at an individual, collective & societal level.
Director of the FCGA Junior Academy, Master coach and founder of Good Swings Happen Junior Golf Academy, teaches players of all ages and skill levels, specializing in juniors. Josh is a PGA member, serves on the SCPGA Teaching Committee.
FlowCode Mentor & Ambassador / Expert NLP & Breathwork therapist / Clinical Hypnotherapist has rich and successful background in helping clients effectively manage and transcend stress & traumatic experiences. This vast & scientifically backed know how had been poured into a comprehensive, one of a kind program, that will help you move away from trauma & fear and in the direction of flow.
Martin Grunburg is widely regarded as the “father” of the modern habit-tracking movement. A renowned innovator in the behavior change arena, Grunburg published the world’s first, “Habits to Goals” methodology.
Dr. Hogarth is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and a practicing Executive Coach. Brent earned his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with his passion is in high performance psychology and coaching.
Charlie Schroeder has worked as a soft skills expert, coach and role-player since 1997. Leads training in presentation skills, business writing, leadership, influence and impact, emotional intelligence and executive presence.
Dr. Milan Hosta, PhD in Philosophy and sport science expert, specializes in integral breathing techniques and FlowCode development. A renowned international speaker, he blends neuroscience and philosophy to re-train breathing, enhancing performance and wellbeing for athletes and high-profile clients.
Internationally recognized educator & speaker, in the field of body & mind with 20+ years of experience, Co-creator of Nirvana® Ultimate Body & Mind system, Head of Nirvana® Instructor Network – Nirvana® Education Expert (Principal educator) ,Head of Nirvana® program & education development
FlowCode Mentor & Ambassador, international recognized speaker & educator with 29 years of experience in the group fitness & wellness industry, Nirvana education expert, speaker, AFFA certification specialist & examiner. Her speciality lies in developing effective flow state based programs & courses that lead clients to effective regeneration, focusing on sleep deprivation.
Internationally recognized author, speaker and managing Director of Humans In Flow Consultancy, where he empowers top executives and ambitious professionals to lead their fields from the bleeding edge.
A recognized Life Coach, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker and Educator, Author and a NirvanaFitness Instructor. Over ten years of experience as a Flow & Wellness Advocate. Leader of Wellness Retreats around the world incorporating FlowCode methods, meditation and self-development processes.
Dr. Fox expands upon his research regarding gratitude for business leaders, in particular, ways they can become more successful through incorporating flow practices.
For over a decade, Cedric has been helping elite athletes and major organisations worldwide grow leaders at all levels by
doing things differently and showing that performance come from purpose, passion
and presence.
Dr. Omar Malik has over 20 years’ experience in a wide range of general neurological conditions. Dr Malik was listed in the top 25 winners of their first UK Top Doctors Awards in 2018. He is widely published and appears in numerous peer-reviewed publications.
Sergej Petrović, MSc., leads as the Head of Research & Development, specializing in scientific research and theoretical foundations. He plays a crucial role in developing the FlowCode and Nirvana programs, distinguished as an awarded researcher and concept developer