5 branding tips

to look more professional as a small business.

Your business can only shine with a proper visual identity. This is what will help you make a first good impression (you have 3 seconds!) and look professional to your followers.

Do you sometimes feel down and overwhelmed when you see the extend of what needs to be done with your small business and the resources that you have?

Whether we talk time or money, as a small business entrepreneur, the challenges are high when it comes to showing how professional we are to a potential client.

And even as a wellness professional working alone (whether you are a coach, a fitness instructor, a yoga teacher, a naturopath or more …), the truth is you are leading a business and this business needs clear codes and branding.

Only then you will get recognized  can you start creating content, promoting yourself, and actually selling products & services successfully.

And Claire is going to teach you exactly that. She will show you the 5 tips you can immediately implement so that the content you create and how you show up to the world as a professional will look awesome!

If you too are eager to learn those 5 tips, join Claire on a FREE webinar on May 26. HERE >>

What this webinar will do for you

You will learn how to easily apply the basics of branding to your business so that all your communications have a coherent and recognizable signature!

I will teach you free useful tricks to make decisions like a pro!

I will teach you how to save a ton of time when creating social media content while looking stunning!

Thanks to this webinar, you will look much more professional, as if you had a full marketing team supporting you, so that your amazing content will be much more visible!

Hey, I’m Claire ...

After almost 15 years working on diverse missions in international business development and marketing/communication, I finally decided to launch Febulous Studio, my graphic design studio.

With a true passion for both interior design and graphic design, I have been learning over the years to master the art of graphic design.

After witnessing the need in this area, I founded Febulous Studio to help wellness entrepreneurs increase their visibility, gain credibility and grow their business.



5 branding tips

to look more professional as a small business

Join Claire on a free webinar where she’ll explain to you how you can make the best impact with some simple branding tricks.

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