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Discover the power of being 'in the zone' through a scientifically-backed, systematic approach. Learn how to enter flow state with our comprehensive toolkit designed for both personal breakthroughs and professional excellence.

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What Do you Get?

Get Access To Over 1000 Flow Triggers, Daily Integration Community Support & Your Personal AI Coach

Embark on a transformative journey with FlowClub, where we redefine personal and professional growth through the art of flow state coaching. Our unique offering includes:

  • Comprehensive Flow Mastery: Access over 1000 flow triggers, 100+ hours of exclusive content, and personalized journeys to unlock peak performance.
  • Expert Guidance and Community Support: Benefit from live coaching, 24/7 support, and a community dedicated to your growth.
  • Unlimited Access: Explore FlowCode resources freely, tailored to your evolving needs and goals.
  • Interactive AI Learning: Enhance productivity with AI FlowCoach and Live Flow Boosts, designed for your personal objectives.
FlowClub - How To Enter Flow State

FlowCode Techniques

Embark on a journey to mastery with techniques from breathwork to meditations, sound triggers, movement modalities, cognitive triggers and many more.

  • Over 1000 Flow Triggers & Programs: Access an extensive variety of techniques to consistently achieve the flow state.
  • 100+ Hours of Exclusive Content: Immerse yourself in unique educational materials that delve into the science of how to enter flow state.
  • Access To Flow Journeys: Explore tailored pathways that cater to your personal flow objectives.
  • Comprehensive Archives: Revisit every coaching session for sustained learning and development.
FlowClub - How To Enter Flow State, , learn how to achieve flow state, flow state training, flow state coaching portal

Live Coaching Sessions

Join our exclusive live coaching sessions, engage with experts and peers alike within the community, get a deeper understanding and practical application of flow principles. 
  • Personalized Feedback: Receive direct, personalized feedback on your application of flow principles, allowing for real-time adjustments and improvements.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage in live discussions and Q&A sessions, fostering a dynamic learning environment that caters to your specific questions and challenges.
  • Immediate Application: Learn practical techniques and strategies on how to enter flow state, that you can immediately apply to enhance your personal and professional life.
FlowClub - How To Enter Flow State, , learn how to achieve flow state, flow state training, flow state coaching portal

Live Flow Boosts

Experience daily live sessions under the guidance of experts, designed to immerse you in the principles of flow. Just tune in and discover how to enter flow state.
  • Instant Improvement: Quickly enhance your flow state, leading to immediate increases in productivity and a more positive mindset.
  • Daily Expert Access: Benefit from daily interactions with experts, receiving guidance and support tailored to optimize your flow experience.
  • Easy Integration: Seamlessly incorporate flow techniques into your daily routine, fostering an environment of continuous growth and efficiency.
How to Enter Flow State Effortlessly, learn how to achieve flow state, flow state training, flow state coaching portal


Introducing a revolutionary AI-driven platform designed for your personal growth in mastering flow with personalized guidance and scientifically-backed insights.

  • Tailored Advice: Helps you explore how to enter flow state.
  • Science-Based Answers: Understand flow states through precise, research-backed explanations.
  • Resource Access: AI Coach provides instant links to flow triggers and programs in the Flow Club.
  • Interactive Challenges: Prompts for self-reflection and growth.
  • Personal Coaching: Customized support from FlowCode’s comprehensive knowledge base.

Flow Triggers

Discover Cutting Edge Flow Triggers To Find Your Own Way Into The Flow

Meditations / Flow state training / How To Enter Flow State


Unlock your flow state with guided meditations & harmonize mind and body for peak performance.
Breathwork / Flow state training / How To Enter Flow State


Dive into flow breathwork: tailored exercises to harness breath, catalyzing your optimal flow state.
Flow Mindsets / Flow state training / How To Enter Flow State


Delve into flow mindset rituals, cultivating habits that shape a naturally flowing and vibrant self.
Movement Flow Triggers / Flow state training / How To Enter Flow State


Breathwork  based movement sequences to deepen embodiment, harmonizing body and mind as one.
Flow Sounds / Flow state training / How To Enter Flow State


Experience Flow sounds, crafted to guide you into a state of deep focus, creativity, and harmony.

Flow Recall Triggers / Flow state training / How To Enter Flow State


Unlock Instant flow: Tap into your peak states by integrating flow recall triggers to set foundation for flow experience.

Flow Journeys Bundle Pack

Embark On Comprehensive Flow Journeys To Integrate Flow Effectively

Unlock Your Flow Potential: 9 Journeys, 1 Bundle.

Start Free Trial - 7 Day Flow Courses

Start With Free Intro Courses To Unleash Your Journey Into The Flow

Learn How To Enter Flow State

Reviews & Testimonials

Helena Demuynck
Helena Demuynck
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“The FlowCode® coach course is amazing at so many levels. It is science-based, well structured, beautifully delivered. It offers a deep immersion in so many materials, with explanations on how to enter flow state, that make it easy to embody the learnings. The course is a refreshing dive into material that will not only help you to make your clients’ lives better but also your own. The support by the “FLOW people” is fantastic.”
Joanna Maggs
Joanna Maggs
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“Following 3 years of research, experiencing, trying and testing some of the best and most beneficial resources available for yoga and yoga-related philosophy, meditation, and movement, I came across the FlowCode®. Along with Project Unity, it really just summed up the conclusions I had come to following my research years on how to enter flow state. When FlowCode® came along, this totally lifted my coaching experience!
Kavitha Lakshmanan
Kavitha Lakshmanan
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“I am a Personal Trainer and Group Fit courses expert, Federation of International FISAF member. Being a FlowCode Coach has given me a deeper understanding on the theoretical part of mind body connection. It opened a whole new field of exploration on how to enter flow state and finding flow in my coaching to allow me for successful integration of flow triggers & programs into daily work with my clients.”
Lily Jordy
Lily Jordy
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“I became a FlowCode Coach from a strong desire to help people recover from chronic anxiety, insomnia, burnouts, and provide the tools to overcome obstacles such as procrastination, emotional blockages and depression. FlowCode has given me an expanded perception of how to enter flow state and how to integrate these practices into an effective coaching.
Ritta Hurry
Ritta Hurry
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“The FlowCode® Coach course was very thorough and detailed which was great. It gave me the scientific background to understanding the FlowCode® as well as clear guidance in understanding exactly what the role of a Flow Coach is and how to implement the skills learned to further my business as a Flow Coach.”
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“Amazing group flow course, which focuses on breath while doing functional pilates and yoga exercises. This training on how to enter flow state is ideal for new yoga or pilates instructors, also very suitable for all group fitness instructors.”
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„Kinesiologist with 15 years of experience in therapeutic exercises, conscious movement and breathwork. The Flow coach program introduces you to the principles of Flowcode or mindfulness, conscious breathing, understanding how to use your senses to manage your nervous system and the parasympathic branch. FlowCode has helped me tremendously in masterin the techniques of embodiment and cognitive anchoring!”
John Van Heel
John Van Heel
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For more than 35 years entrepreneur within sports, health and lifestyle, career and personal development coach. FlowCode coach course has been a great experience for me, since it is well structured and easy to follow. Coaching tools in the form of Flow Club are a great addition that I am able to regularly use in creating programs for my individual and group clients and teaching them how to enter flow state.
David Hegarty
David Hegarty
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“David Hegarty, author, speaker, presenter, founder of the Dynamic Health System, Psychologist, practitioner. FlowCode is one of a kind platform connecting everything about flow into one coherent whole. The basic coach course and specialized modules are providing a great opportunity to explore how to enter flow state. I highly recommend for coaches that want to explore the holistic way of coaching at it’s best.”
Nahula Ahmed
Nahula Ahmed
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20 years of experience in the wellness , Nirvana education specialist, Nirvana instructor, FlowCoach, Yoga Teacher. I use Nirvana group flow fitness class in my weekly groups with great success. It allows me to have all the flow triggers combined into one flow, allowing me to flow into the teaching situation myself. Client’s love it! Now I am able to teach them how to enter flow state and I love to share it with everyone!

Flow Club

Flow State Training Portal - A Gym for your mind

Transform your routine into a flow-filled experience with our FlowClub Membership. Start with 7-day free trials and gain access to over 1000 flow techniques, expert-led journeys, monthly live sessions with top flow experts, and a supportive international community. It’s not just learning how to enter flow state – it’s about living in flow.

Learn how to enter flow state

Meet Your Trainers

FlowCode Academy Educators & Developers

Learn From The World’s Top Flow Experts, Teachers, Authors And Paradigm Changers

Director of FlowCode® Golf Academy & life long mental coach of Collin Morikawa  Mental golf performance coach, PGA Pro. Long intrigued by the fact that physical skills were rarely the determining factor in athletic success, Rick & the FlowCode® team studied the mental and emotional skills that make or break a performance.
Hallam Morgan is a renowned mental skills coach specializing in the development of elite competitive athletes by equipping them with the necessary skills to maximise performance and fulfilment. Hallam has rich experience working with top European tour players, helping them reach true potential through flow.
Niall Breslin is a seeker and speaker of truth. He is a thought leader, speaker, bestselling author & podcast host, composer & athlete. His currency is change, & his mission is to help drive that change, both at an individual, collective & societal level.
Director of the FCGA Junior Academy, Master coach and founder of Good Swings Happen Junior Golf Academy, teaches players of all ages and skill levels, specializing in juniors. Josh is a PGA member, serves on the SCPGA Teaching Committee.
FlowCode Mentor & Ambassador / Expert NLP & Breathwork therapist / Clinical Hypnotherapist has rich and successful background in helping clients effectively manage and transcend stress & traumatic experiences. This vast & scientifically backed know how had been poured into a comprehensive, one of a kind program, that will help you move away from trauma & fear and in the direction of flow.
Martin Grunburg is widely regarded as the “father” of the modern habit-tracking movement. A renowned innovator in the behavior change arena, Grunburg published the world’s first, “Habits to Goals” methodology.
Dr. Hogarth is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and a practicing Executive Coach. Brent earned his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with his passion is in high performance psychology and coaching.
Charlie Schroeder has worked as a soft skills expert, coach and role-player since 1997. Leads training in presentation skills, business writing, leadership, influence and impact, emotional intelligence and executive presence.
Dr. Milan Hosta, PhD in Philosophy and sport science expert, specializes in integral breathing techniques and FlowCode development. A renowned international speaker, he blends neuroscience and philosophy to re-train breathing, enhancing performance and wellbeing for athletes and high-profile clients.
Internationally recognized educator & speaker, in the field of body & mind with 20+ years of experience, Co-creator of Nirvana® Ultimate Body & Mind system, Head of Nirvana® Instructor Network – Nirvana® Education Expert (Principal educator) ,Head of Nirvana® program & education development
FlowCode Mentor & Ambassador, international recognized speaker & educator with 29 years of experience in the group fitness & wellness industry, Nirvana education expert, speaker, AFFA certification specialist & examiner. Her speciality lies in developing effective flow state based programs & courses that lead clients to effective regeneration, focusing on sleep deprivation.
Internationally recognized author, speaker and managing Director of Humans In Flow Consultancy, where he empowers top executives and ambitious professionals to lead their fields from the bleeding edge.
A recognized Life Coach, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker and Educator, Author and a NirvanaFitness Instructor. Over ten years of experience as a Flow & Wellness Advocate. Leader of Wellness Retreats around the world incorporating FlowCode methods, meditation and self-development processes.
Dr. Fox expands upon his research regarding gratitude for business leaders, in particular, ways they can become more successful through incorporating flow practices.
For over a decade, Cedric has been helping elite athletes and major organisations worldwide grow leaders at all levels by
doing things differently and showing that performance come from purpose, passion
and presence.
Dr. Omar Malik has over 20 years’ experience in a wide range of general neurological conditions. Dr Malik was listed in the top 25 winners of their first UK Top Doctors Awards in 2018. He is widely published and appears in numerous peer-reviewed publications.
Sergej Petrović, MSc., leads as the Head of Research & Development, specializing in scientific research on how to enter flow state. He plays a crucial role in developing the FlowCode programs, distinguished as an awarded researcher and concept developer

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Flowcode golf academy - Golf mental game coaching

FlowCode is a framework of strategies, principles and techniques that teach you how to enter flow state, so you can move from fear to the state of flow, the state of optimal performance, the zone where you become the best version of yourself.