The art of managing stress and anxiety with flow state coaching

Our FlowCode Expert Dave Florence is doing a FlowCode Crash Course about the Art Of Managing Stress & Anxiety and this inspired us to write about this topic in further detail.

Obviously it is one of the most discussed topics of modern time and quickly it becomes a cliché but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be discussed. Quite the contrary, it should be discussed even more, yet, as always, with the right balance because the other side of this story is that battling stress, finding the best versions of ourselves, always perform at our best and personal growth itself can be a stress factor. As with all things nowadays also in this arena it is simply too much of everything and this can lead us to being overwhelmed, paralyzed with choice, full of fear of missing out. So the very idea of personal growth becomes exactly the opposite of what it should be.

For that reason with FlowCode we are about bringing simplicity to personal growth, lowering the intensity on all levels and focusing on flow as the central point of our striving. If we know how to hack the flow state, recall it, cultivate it, live it, and turn it from a state to a trait, we are all good and from then on everything just flows.

In the Flow Global Initiative we teach ritualization, installing new habits, adding awareness and having the intention to the flow. We are what we repeat and only through repetition can we create new neural pathways, empowered creator perception and consequently a healthier world view. 

FlowCode techniques vary from breathwork to meditation, movement modalities, audio, visual, cognitive triggers, biohacks – so small rituals you can easily implement in our daily lives. For us this is the pathway to transcendence, to self mastery – no more, no less.

Flow state coaching
Flow state training / Flow state coaching with FlowCode Coaching Academy
Flow state training / Flow state coaching with FlowCode Coaching Academy

So yes, the word art is more than appropriate in the context of battling stress and anxiety, it is a lifelong journey of self discovery that should be fun and inspiring in itself, a true art we all co.-create one step at a time, one breath at a time…

So join Dave and just flow!



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