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Become a Flow Coach – The turnkey flow state coaching concept

Are you ready to become part of an exciting movement with a mission to bring flow to every part of society and create a flow culture that would propel us forward as individuals and as a human race?

Then become a Flow Coach!

Get involved with a revolutionary approach to the flow state … based on the FlowCode …a strong scientific foundation that maps the principles of flow and serves as a roadmap for creating and maintaining the optimal state.

The FlowCode, flow state coaching concept, connects the latest neuroscientific research with a unique flow state inducing technique that joins the flow state science, breathwork and kinesiology, providing a powerful combination of trigger channels to optimally program the state of flow.

Start with your own FlowCoach sessions, work with individuals or groups, lead workshops and offer comprehensive flow program packages that will make your clients flow!

Get trained step by step online without any hassle – so simple, everything is there for you, all the videos, tutorials, manuals with flow triggers & programs. As a future Flow Coach you have two options to enter the global movement of 1000’s of professionals in over 45 countries around the world.


What can you achieve as a FlowCoach?

– Attract more clients with completely new life coaching concept that addresses the flow state from a unique angle
– Get the ability to solve clients’ ever more present stress related problems, burnout syndrome and depression
– Lead coaching sessions with ease with the support of Flowhub programs & triggers
– Work in almost any possible location
– Get complete turnkey solution, get complete step by step support, start in a matter of weeks.

Our mission beats from the growing awareness about the importance of the flow as an optimal state of perception, self improvement and transcendence. The Flow state allows us to create a more desirable “reality tunnel” one that merges the individual with the collective, creating a common bioethical ground. A way to express true unity in our diversity, for the entire human race.

Everyone within the Flow Education alliance, 1000’s of professionals and a worldwide network of educators is whole heartedly welcoming you to join us in our efforts … to bring flow & unity across this fascinating world.

We all have the need to flow … so let’s flow together.

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