Flow State Coaching – 7 Ways to Promote Your Flow Coaching Business on LinkedIn and Quora

When building a coaching business, having a social media presence is a great way to scale your reputation as a true professional as well as making connections with people and turning them into clients. Both LinkedIn and Quora offer great opportunities when it comes to promoting your flow state coaching business. So let’s look at six ways to do just that.
But before we do, let me tell you about some basic social media practices you should always keep in mind.

Must-Adopt Social Media Practices for Coaches

I am briefly listing these because there are, indeed, rules for successful social media posting:

  • Follow the 80-20 rule meaning out of ten posts, make eight valuable and only use two to directly promote your services
  • Make sure that at least seven out of ten posts contain content that is unique to your offerings
  • Create a clear social media posting goal that optimally serves your client target group
  • Create and execute a social media calendar
  • Post with consistency and regularity
  • Engage your audience with questions, competitions, surveys, and captivating stories. Make them visual, fun, and create a buzz
  • Follow others and take part in conversations

Six Ways to Supercharge your Flow State Coaching Career on LinkedIn and Quora

As a networking system for business people, LinkedIn is a great platform to reach professionals and build your credibility as a coach providing relevant content and actionable tools. Make sure your profile is strong and keep growing your connections to broaden your reach.

Quora has a different audience allowing you to directly communicate with potential clients who post questions within the area of your expertise.

As a flow coach, you can use both platforms effectively. Here are our six methods:

#1 – Post About Work Flow and Business Flow on LinkedIn

At the moment, flow is all the rage with more and more entrepreneurs and business people keen on learning about flow and using flow to grow their business. If you add scientific information, success stories, and deliver flow methodologies, you are likely to shine as a flow expert, create a buzz, and attract clients.

#2 – Make Flow-Related Comments on Other People’s Posts

Take part in LinkedIn conversations by keeping an eye out for posts you can link into flow. Readers like comment sections, so this is another way for you to build your profile and add to your credibility as a flow expert and coach.

#3 – Join LinkedIn Communities and Be an Active Participant

Find LinkedIn communities your client target group is likely to frequent. Within that community, provide valuable content, respond, and reach out to people. Ultimately, social media is about making personal connections, and the communities are a great place to meet people and connect. You can also join the FlowCode community and learn and share there.

#4 – Answer Flow-Related Questions on Quora

Quora has thousands and thousands of daily users. A quick search relating to flow will show you that many people want to know about flow. Set up a profile, add your flow and coaching credentials and start delivering valuable content by answering questions. Quora also allows you to post links, so you can link back to your website and use Quora to drive traffic. Here are some more ways to superpower your social media presence on Quora:

#5 – Answer Questions in the Quora Space Flow State of Mind

On a daily basis, you have the opportunity to share your expertise in the Quora Flow State of Mind space. Flow is a topic on Quora meaning that people post flow-related questions there giving you the opportunity to help and build your profile as a flow expert and coach. If your answer is good, you will get upvotes helping you even further to supercharge your profile. You may also find people reaching out to you to hire you as a coach. The more regularly you provide strong content, the greater the trust, the higher your chances of attracting new clients.

#6 – Participate and Post in the Quora FlowZone

You can also become a contributor in our Quora Flow Zone and grow your audience further. Reach out to the admin and you will be able to post flow-related content while also linking back to your own coaching business.

#7 – Answer Questions Your Target Group is Likely to Pose

Quora is also a great way to connect with people who are struggling with the issues you can help overcome. Let’s say you are an anxiety coach. Add ‘anxiety’ to your Quora feed and answer related questions.

Make sure to add ‘anxiety’ to your ‘knows about’ because Quora will then start sending you related questions.

So these are our six tips on how to promote your coaching business. Bear in mind that you are posting to real people with real problems, make personal connections, and build your credibility by posting valuable and actionable content that is unique to you.

Love it or hate it, social media promotion plays a crucial role in building a successful flow state coaching career. With the above tips, you’re already half-way there! 

Written by Anita Alig

Anita Alig is an Integrated Energy Therapist, NLP, Meditation, and Flow Coach. She works with groups and individuals focusing on helping clients to reduce stress, find their flow, and uncover their true essence.

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