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Leverage your certification within the flow state coaching business?

How can FlowCode certification leverage your flow state coaching business?

The faster the world and its deadlines the more people are turning toward mindfulness practices and wellness coaches to find balance. Whether you already have a coaching practice (like I do) or are looking to step into this field of expertise, FlowCode offers a unique and multi-layered flow state system to support your clients and your ability to serve more professionally and holistically. FlowCode is more than a turn-key coaching business; it is an international family that believes in the mission of bringing unity and health to clients and coaches.

First Steps in the flow state training

FlowCode has a wide range of videos and resources to help bring your clients to their excellence. But first, you get to learn and experience the benefits of flow breathwork, and meditation, Nirvana triggers and a variety of other rebalancing practices. This is where coaches will best be served by slowing down and submerging themselves in the Flow. Do the videos that you are learning about. Practice and design your own mini-programs as you are becoming a certified coach. You can learn and benefit first hand from being brought back to center from a 12 – 20 minute sequence. Staying in the Flow will not only assist in your certification process, it will help you explain to your new clients the embodied benefits of Flow.

Walk the Talk

The mindfulness industry has exploded as people are having to handle more responsibility, uncertainty, and information. When we are looking for solutions we are inundated with quick fixes. As coaches, or soon to be coaches, we know that it takes a holistic approach to bring balance. That we need to attend to our physical, emotional and mental health– and yet like anyone when we are feeling pressured to obtain a goal we can default to only attending to the actions of our mind and leave our body behind. FlowCode helps you walk the talk of a holistic practitioner by bringing you into the process of flow as you are becoming a certified coach and part of the FlowCode family.

It is also important to reach out for help along the way. Just as you will expect your clients to communicate with you, your success is dependent on you getting the support you need to become the best coach you can, and FlowCode wants to help. So if you are feeling stuck—ask a mentor, or how into the FlowCode online groups to ask questions and receive inspiration.

Adventure awaits

Once you have completed your flow state training certification, you have an international family to call on for support and guidance. The FlowCode mentors have a wide range of experience in the challenges of coaching, whether you are called to life coaching, executive coaching, or workplace coaching. The FlowCode family will also help you learn the multi-faceted benefits of group coaching for your client and also for you to financially leverage your time and expertise. 

Like any new commitment, it will take time to fully drop into the coaching flow, but with FlowCode, you are not alone and you have a library of resources, and a family of experts—as well as fellow coaches—who are committed to helping everyone to be the best version of themselves.  Ready to join the family and practice the flow state coaching?

Written by Kate Brenton

Kate Brenton, Ed.M., Holistic practitioner & Speaker, Flow coach & author supports her clients in reclaiming strength and confidence in their daily life. Working with groups and individuals, Kate elevates others through empowerment and embodiment programs. She helps Women (Re)Discover Purpose + Passion in Work & Life



FlowCode / Flow state training & Coaching
FlowCode / Flow state training & Coaching
FlowCode / Flow state training & Coaching
FlowCode / Flow state training & Coaching




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