Flow state coaching & Coronavirus / From Fear to Flow in troubled times

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As we wake up every day only to find more disheartening information regarding covid-19, it is easy for us to spiral down into the never-ending maze of depression, frustration, panic, and a whole lot of other negative energy. The trending news on social media and other news outlet are the poison that draws us in, only to leave us in our miserable state, wondering if this pandemic will ever come to an end.

But instead of worrying, instead of all this, this is the perfect time for us to be in the zone. The perfect time to withdraw inward, to slow things down, and let go of our worries. This is the time for us to live in the moment and practice flow to unleash our better self and thrive in this time of great unrest.

A chance to consistently remain in the flow

To help us all, Flow Global Initiative has brought to life the FlowHub 7 Biohack app portal that we all can access directly from our phones. Due to the importance of accessing the flow state and remaining in it, FlowHub 7 provides us with over 700 unique cutting-edge flow triggers & programs that enable us to remain in a state of calm and flowish performance.

Being in the state of heightened performance, bliss, and in sync with our present activity is a dream come through for most of us, and should be for all of us. Because in this state, we don’t have to see our worry getting in the way of our work, kids’ care, or living the moment. We just flow.

The FlowHub 7 Biohack app portal gives us clear direction on how to strip ourselves of our worries, ego, and anxiety in a seamless manner, to allow us to access the flow state as a lifestyle.

Why being in the zone is so important now

Studies show that people who are calm, happy, and energized achieve the highest level of performance and effectiveness, able to spread their positive energy to those around them. But how can we do that when anxiety, depression, frustration, and desperation is the new order of our day?

With the Flowhub 7 flow triggers & programs, we can successfully deactivate these negative feelings and activate the flow to experience and substantially boost our immune system. That means, instead of worrying about how to keep our kids educated, how to submit today’s work from home, or what is waiting outside that door, we can be in the best state of mind to discover innovative solutions to our problems.

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Learn more about flow state training and flow state coaching with FlowCode Coaching Academy