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Flow state coaching / How often do you feel like you’re not good enough?

From the beginning of our FlowCode journey, we are regularly communicating with different types of coaches all around the World about flow state coaching. 

We are in touch with flow coaches for several reasons; 

Sometimes to help them crystalize their professional beginnings and equip them with the tools and the knowledge that allow them to systemize their business and personal growth, 

Or to elevate and enrich private practices of established coaches with the knowledge of the science behind flow & tools that allow them more flexibility and new modern ways to work with their clients.

From all of those meetings, we can safely say there’s one particular pattern of thoughts the majority of coaches share.

  1. They feel they are not (good) enough as coaches. They lack confidence because they think they don’t have enough experience, knowledge, or simply the system that will allow them to approach their practice more efficiently & professionally.
  1. And because of that overwhelming feeling of not being good enough, or “not quite there yet” as a coach, they often end up doing nothing. In other words, they push “I need to do all of these things to become a successful coach” to “I’ll do it tomorrow.” 

Flow state coaching & Flow state training
Flow state coaching & Flow state training

Are you also familiar with those frightening thoughts of not being quite there yet?

Do you also suffer from imposter syndrome?

Do you get paralyzed by the list of the things YOU THINK YOU SHOULD DO to become a good coach? 

If you do, let me tell you something: Procrastination has nothing to do with laziness.

For some reason, you got in your head the idea of the archetype of the good enough coach – that, if you are honest with yourself, doesn’t even exist. Right?

Just the fact you’re thinking about those things so intensely means you already know a lot and that you are more than ready to help others with your coaching.

You are enough! Now take a deep breath.

In the FlowCode Coaching Academy, we are noticing this pattern of thoughts repeatedly with the coaches that have joined our FlowCode Coach Program.

That is why we developed a structure that helps many in this regard too.

Firstly, everything starts with you. Agree? It would be best if you put yourself in the flow. First, you need to clear your thoughts and put yourself in the state where everything flows, in a state of total focus and clarity. 

The FlowCode techniques (portal of 700+ easy-to-follow videos) will help you hack the flow yourself, will help you to become a flow personality. Only then can you share your good practices with your clients. With one sweep, you’ll benefit directly. You’ll tap into your superhuman potential and become the best version of yourself. At the same time, you’ll also simplify your coaching by sharing your experiences further with your clients. You’ll gain confidence.

So first: make sure you flow. Maybe this video can help you grasp the magic of flow and boost your energy.

And the second problem will disappear as collateral because in the FlowCode Coaching Academy we help you with tools that facilitate your coaching work:

  • Marketing materials
  • Coaching tools
  • Workshop/Webinar presentations
  • How to offer your services

We have manuals, E-books, continuous education (crash) courses, free webinars, meetings, mastermind groups, accountability work, consultations with our mentors, the constant development of coaching tools and materials.

With all of that, you’ll have no more excuses for not being enough of a coach.

Become part of the FlowCode Coaching Academy & vibrant coaching community, join our Coach Course & Program to focus on your coaching, which is your mission!

End the old pattern of thoughts by unlocking the system that works for so many coaches around the World & become a part of the supporting community.

Flow state coaching & flow state training





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