Flow State Coaching – How Your Clients Can Thrive Through FlowCode Movement Components

The FlowCode Academy’s FlowHub7 makes flow state coaching easy. Here’s how to use FlowCode movement components and help your clients to access the wisdom of their body.

One of the core elements that places flow state coaching in a league of its own is bodywork. In other coaching modalities, coaches and clients may progress through issues step by step, but as a flow coach, you know how FlowCode movement can significantly accelerate the process.

In your work as a coach, you help clients deal with a wide variety of issues by providing support, having meaningful conversations, asking breakthrough questions, and by intentional listening. Bit by bit, clients overcome problems and issues while initiating strong momentum toward their goals. As a coach, many tools are available, whatever your field of expertise.

Flow State Coaching - How Your Clients Can Thrive Through FlowCode Movement Components

If you have already completed your training as a flow coach, you will be aware of the importance and the science of flow, how in the flow state, clients can speed up reaching their goals. What’s more, you will have seen and experienced first-hand how the daily use of flow triggers helps to reduce stress and anxiety, while producing a state of clarity and calm. And, you will know from personal and client stories that being in a state of calm and confidence makes tackling problems and moving toward specific targets significantly easier.

Solid daily flow habits

Multiple reasons exist for encouraging your clients to build solid daily flow moment habits. For one, sensomotoric flow triggers transform the way you approach life and tackle problems by dipping you into a playful and clear state. Secondly, transient hypofrontality grants access to your subconscious wisdom thus often producing solutions that you may have only arrived at after long hours of conversing. And thirdly, the flow movement components scale your physical and mental wellbeing simply because physical exercise is good for us.

In essence, flow state coaching is 100 per cent holistic, catering to your clients’ physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. In today’s fast-paced world, people find themselves often disconnected from their bodies. As a flow coach, you can deliver FlowCode movement components and provide your clients with a wealth of flow body triggers allowing them to deeply connect body, mind, and soul once again.

FlowCode Movement Components

FlowCode Movement Components – A Wealth of Triggers Inside FlowHub7

When your clients get access to the FlowHub7 they can study the science of flow and start using flow triggers of all kinds on a daily basis. Because of the wealth of triggers available, it is important that you guide them in this process. But let’s have a look at how FlowHub7 delivers FlowCode movement components.

When you log in, you need to click on FLOW TRIGGERS on the left-hand side of your screen. Continue by selecting SENSORY FLOW ALIGNMENT first, followed by SENSOMOTORIC FLOW ALIGNMENT. Doing so brings you to the NIRVANA WARM-UP and the BREATHWALKS. Your clients will greatly benefit from incorporating both in their daily routines.

For a more comprehensive FlowCode movement set, select FLOW TRIGGERS SETS straight after clicking on FLOW TRIGGERS. You can then go onto select one of the following:

  • NIRVANA FLOW TRIGGER SETS: A large selection of flow routines with mindset, breath, sensory, and body movement flow triggers.
  • STRETCH FLOW TRIGGER SETS: Extensive choice of stretch flow triggers
  • BALANCE FLOW TRIGGER SETS: Power-selection of balance flow trigger exercises
  • STRENGTH FLOW TRIGGER SETS: Wide range of body-strengthening flow triggers available in three different difficulty levels

The beauty of all the triggers available is that there are triggers for people of all ages and fitness levels. As a coach, you will be able to carefully select the best triggers in full alignment with your client’s physical health and overall needs.

How to Deliver FlowCode Body Components

Experienced flow coaches will tell you that guiding your clients in using FlowHub7 is vital such is the wealth and depth of information and flow triggers. Start by getting to know your client not just regarding their pain points and goals but also when it comes to their physical fitness.

Armed with all the information, you can then select the FlowCode movement components that will benefit your clients most. A tailored approach will ensure that your clients will love the process of building solid flow habits.

FlowCode Movement Components – Unlocking Your Body’s Wisdom

Encouraging your clients to use body workout flow triggers and holding them accountable on a daily basis will solidify the value of your coaching services. Doing so transforms your coaching into a holistic endeavour that allows your clients to tap into their body wisdom while also building a flow personality.

Your clients will scale the quality of their lives and experience joy, success, and zest for life in spades.

Anita Alig
Anita Alig

Anita Alig is an Integrated Energ an Integrated Energy Therapist, NLP, Meditation, and Flow Coach. She works with groups and individuals focusing on helping clients to reduce stress, find their flow, and uncover their true essence.

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