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As a culture, the human race has been plagued by various problems in both general well-being and relationships. We have fought wars of the humankind, wars born of greed and disunity.

We’ve also fought wars of nature, battles against our own biology. The human race is fighting one such war right now against the Coronavirus.But all wars have something in common. After the war is done with, comes the peace.

The peace is usually brought on by an agreement or realization of some sort. And after the order enters unity, everyone coming together, building up what was lost or destroyed by the conflict. We always realize that we are one in the end.

The Coronavirus is a war that no one saw coming, and no one country can defeat it alone. States are already asking one another for help; we’re all realizing that we can’t do it all by ourselves.

The Flowcode is a method of enhancing life as we know it. It’s a way to optimize our perception of the world, a way to increase our focus on the things that really matter. It’s a state of enhanced focus, a place where everything becomes possible, and nothing is out of our reach.

In the flow state, there is endless potential for improvement. There’s no stress, no doubt, no self-consciousness, and no self-critique. There’s only purpose and happiness. Athletes call it the being “in the zone.”

But this state has also been referred to in Buddhism and across many different cultures and religions. Unlike most concepts, the flow state isn’t separated by tribe or race or any other divide. If you’re human, you can achieve the flow state.

Getting into this state is something everyone can experience, and that’s why it serves as a great unifier.We desire many things as humans, and these desires can cause disunity. Project Unity is striving to use the flow state as a basis for new and unprecedented growth in human civilization and development.

It seeks to share flow principles to the world and integrate it into our learning institutions. This would create a flow culture, with everyone knowing and understanding the concept and principles of flow and incorporating it as part of their everyday lives.

The acceptance of the flow culture will create a sense of unity in diversity. And the Coronavirus pandemic might be the push to realizing that we are all one. Deep down in our biology, in our core, we are all human, and we are all the same.

This is the central concept we all need to reinforce, and the Coronavirus, while destructive, is helping us to see that while we all live differently, we still need each other when it really counts.Project Unity is working towards pushing the principles of flow to various channels and spreading it across the world.

The Coronavirus has made it glaringly apparent that we need to unite. Using the flow to do so will not only better us as individuals but make us stronger together.

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