Flow state training / Incorporating FlowCode during Oxfam Trailwalker 100Kms: Walk for Equality

Believe you can & you are halfway there… flow state training at it’s best.
Experienced Marathon & walkathon runners often believe in this. It was my first experience while experiencing the FlowCode. I would like to share my experience in how FlowCode learnings helped me through my 100Km Oxfam Trailwalker – Bengaluru, India, a fierce test of endurance.

“Belief that you hold at the beginning of the journey decides the journey”

This is how I used my Flowcode lessons at the walkathon.

Observer Mindset
As we walk during a walkathon or run during Marathon our physical body is pacing but our thoughts are running through our mind. The mind first runs around our daily thoughts, after a few kms on few built perceptions & then old mindsets & experiences unfold. But an over engaged mind can never over achieve.

The Observer mindset incorporated by a “Flow personality” pays attention to the completion of the goal, keeping focus on breathe & taking it step by step. It has been trained to watch its own mind, reactions, emotions & behavior. Yet, not taking it too seriously, fearlessly to be sustained in the state of flow.

“I am the observer”

Awe Mindset
The beauty of a walkathon or Marathon is doing it in awareness. Appreciating the magic of life from sunrise to sunset & the quietness of night. Nature takes away the boredom of our speedy life.Awe mindset is crucial as it fills the flow personality with a new energy looking through the eyes of a child. This appreciation feeling brings joy, fascination & zest for life.

I look at things as I have never seen them before.

Creator Mindset

On the running/walking track we do hear the voices of our own inner critic, which plays on our mind.The awareness of the creator mindset brings more meaning to the task as it wants to create a beautiful experience. The experience is to create a difference to own life rather than competitive comparison. You run & rerun the joyful end in your mind until we create it in reality.

“We are the creators of our Experience & we can experience this reality the way we want to.”

Transpersonal Mindset
Being in a social group of similar minded people boost us. Strangers smile, encouraging words are encouraged, reaching out to more people with common interests makes us part of a happier social group.This happens when the flow personality adopts transpersonal mindsets rather than feeling insecure & competitive.

When we get back home, the people we interacted with leaves us an experience of life – the unforgettable one.

“I treat others as I treat myself”

Playful Mindset
This mindset made an immense change in me. Completing the task didn’t add stress to my life. The goal was of completion but with a playful mindset it centered as an enjoyable completion. True spirit of a sports person.

“Being playful is being at peace with the environment and oneself.
It’s about letting oneself go.”

Growth Mindset
At the start point we begin with an expectation but through the task the question keeps arising “Will we succeed or fail? ”The Flow personality through growth mindset believes they are growing through experience.

“The goal is not to be better than the other, but better than your previous self.”

This makes us to be in complete flow. Success comes effortlessly to flow personality. As, success to them means an experience of self-contentment.

Gratitude Mindset
At sports events we do observe people with better physiques, better gears, camera, gadgets & more prepared teams. Gratitude mindset keeps us feeling blessed & grounded.This happened to us while we used to practice for a walkathon (my Husband & me were partners in a team of 4), a little boy was pushing a vendor cart, unable to push it upwards on a slope the boy kept persistently trying.

We ran to help him. The boy had tears in his eyes, we offered to help & push the cart across a few lanes. The little boy shared with us that he did not go to school but helped his mother sell fruits roadside to support his family. His legs were stuck in the wheels so he was crying helplessly. When my husband & I left him, he screamed out “Thank you”. Our eyes were wet, he taught us the lesson GRATITUDE MINDSET.

When we reached the event, we had nothing to compare for a complex to demotivate us. Thank you, little boy, I am Grateful!We did complete the 100Km walkathon, the last 10 Kms were left. It had been more than 30 hours into the walkathon (48 Hours is the timeframe), with open eyes we could visualize the Finish Line. Our feet were racing ahead, nothing seemed to matter now. Tiredness, sourness, blister pain, sun stroke, hunger, thirst with all this we were one with the goal.

We danced with joy on reaching the finish line: – A Sense of fulfillment & achievement, runners High, experiencing the State of Flow.

“Practicing gratitude restores motivation to the experience, it gives it value.

About Oxfam India
Oxfam Trailwalker is a global initiative by Oxfam, being organised in 17 locations in 9 countries worldwide. Oxfam Trailwalker India is a NPO. This is India’s biggest walkathon for a Cause, a chance to prove commitment to fitness & community good.


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