Flow state training / Less is more: make your flow state coaching simple

Most coaches are limited in giving clients any handouts or content to practice in between flow state training sessions. Even on the sessions, many coaches are just talk-based, which means they don’t offer any concrete techniques clients could use or practice afterwords. 

To our knowledge, at most, coaches recommend some youtube video link that does not exactly build their credibility nor connects them with their clients enough.

Flow State Coaching should also be about feeling, not just talking and theory. Practical sessions make it real for people. After that kind of session, clients feel good. They feel intuitive about what it’s all about, so in combination with quality guidance, the coach’s explanations, and the theory, they can quickly see & feel progress. And that is what motivates them to keep going.

flow state training
Flow state training

Please make sure you are creative about the practical part, and you know well how to explain the science and logic behind it.

Make sure you make your clients accountable, pair work among clients, works excellent. Make sure they understand the importance of ritualization, what we repeat, how they need to build new habits and rituals. With this kind of approach, you can have results and consequently clients’ trust and high retention rates.

We have 700+ practices/triggers that vary from breathwork, meditation, movement modalities, audio, visual, cognitive triggers, rituals, etc. You can play these at your sessions and/or pre describe some of these for clients’ home practice. You can include the FlowHub7 Portal (where all these techniques are stored) price within your fee or promote it to your clients with a promo code granting them a discount and to you a nice commission.

Flow state training & Coaching


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