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Flow state training / Why add FLOW in your coaching?

It’s safe to say that today the concept of flow or the flow state training is pretty well known. We all understand the benefits of “being in the zone” entirely, having that “tunnel vision” when trying to perform or do our best at any given moment.

However, when it comes to professional coaching, many still do not understand the flow theory (the science behind it!) and its techniques as a possible angle or an essential part of their coaching practice. 

This may be because it’s often connected to the performance aspects of coaching or the broadness of its meaning. When in fact, we know that the coaches who successfully incorporated flow in their coaching practice come from various backgrounds, from performance, health, wellness, corporate coaching to life coaching, mental training, breathwork, stress-reducing coaching, mindfulness practices, and more.

Let’s think about the common coaching goals: to assure clients’ well-being, professional or personal growth, life improvement, overcoming limitations, and unlocking brilliance. 

And in all of these goals finding flow, being able to recall it quickly, almost on-demand, maintaining it, and living it’s vital.

At the Flow Global Initiative, we see & teach the flow state as:

-the center of human striving, 

-the optimal state we can be in, 

-the foundation for inner peace, happiness, transcendence, and self-mastery, 

-the basis for all further actions, improvements, or any other actions type of transformation. 

In flow, we can tackle any challenge optimally. Thus, we are not teaching the concept of being in the flow per se, just for its sake but turning it from a state to a trait, becoming more of a flow personality, and leading a flow lifestyle in the long run.

FlowCode / Flow state training platform
FlowCode / Flow state training platform

Moreover, our FlowCode project is all about installing new habits, setting achievable goals in the longer run, and simply being better at life, which is why ritualization in the flow state training is the key. 

We are what we repeat. As coaches, you need to make sure your flow state coaching clients are aware of this while you are there to help them implement such new habits and rituals. This is one of the most important ways your flow state training can be efficient, and clients can stay with you long-term. 

We interpret flow in the broadest sense of the world, almost as a synonym for well-being and health. We use flow to assure clients’ common ground for understanding what they need to do to simplify personal growth. 

Flow is not another source of self-help anxiety with fragmented tools and techniques but a simple philosophy, something calming, a recourse, and an anchor your clients can always return to. With the help of FlowCode, clients start to understand that listening to good music, eating mindfully, doing body movement, meditating, or simply breathing are different pathways to flow – the most optimal state, where we tap into our superhuman potential, achieving perfect fluidity in every situation. 

And for what else could we wish? The rest will flow to us.

FlowCode / Flow state training platform





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