Flow State Training – How to Teach Clients the Art of Flow with FlowCode Cognitive Triggers

Your clients are on a flow state training journey. This may seem a daunting task considering how multifaceted the flow experience is. You don’t build a flow personality overnight. Consistency, ritualisation, and building solid flow habits combine and make it possible. As you and your clients have access to all the FlowHub7 tools, you’re already halfway there. Let’s look at the cognitive flow alignment triggers available and how to help your clients reap the maximum benefits. 

Flow State Training – The Important Role Your Mind Plays In Flow

By now, you will be aware of how important it is to adopt the right mindset when seeking out flow. You will be using mindset rituals, engaging in flow meditation, and establishing strong flow anchors you can recall at any time. Without cognitive flow alignment, without setting your intention to flow, building a flow personality will be nearly impossible. When providing flow state training for your clients, you need to give them the scientific background as well as deliver cognitive flow alignment triggers that are easily actionable and produce immediate results.

Thankfully, there is no shortage of tools. Inside FlowHub7, you have both, the science and triggers, at your fingertips. When working with a client, you can choose the cognitive flow triggers carefully and in line with your client’s needs and personality. Some clients may need to focus on their mindset, while others may benefit most from meditating. And some may just need to anchor their flow with powerful flow recall triggers.

What Is Cognitive Flow Alignment?

Central in the quest for flow is the ability to engage the mind in the overall flow journey. The ability to fall back on flow anchors, a strong intention to flow, and the ritualisation of flow experiences help build a flow personality and maintain a life packed with flow experiences.

Cognitive flow alignment triggers such as meditation, intention setting, mindset rituals, and flow anchoring techniques provide a rich source of flow. Anyone who’s fully adopted a flow mindset using a blend of flow alignment triggers will experience life as a river and ride it gently, playfully, and joyfully.

Moreover, full cognitive flow alignment removes the perception that we are separate from each other and the world. Instead, we become one with our surroundings, and the people we collaborate with. Plus, we are deeply rooted in the now and at peak performance as a result.

When delivering flow state training, cognitive flow work with your clients and ensuring they ritualize the use of cognitive flow alignment triggers will facilitate and deepen their journey toward a flow personality.

The Four Pillars of Cognitive Flow Alignment

From flow state training, you will be aware of the four pillars of cognitive flow alignment and you can share this knowledge with your clients:

  • Setting Your Intention to Flow: Your intention is a powerful tool. You can choose to flow as your firm intention and drive it on with your actions, habits, and mindset. And when you do, flow really begins to open up.
  • Building Flow Rituals and Habits: Creating powerful flow rituals to engage in daily helps to deepen the flow mindsets and speed up the process of building a flow personality. Habitual activities, symbols, and special events combine to create powerful rituals.
  • Creating Flow Recall Triggers: When using flow triggers of any kind, you also incorporate a powerful flow recall trigger. This will become your flow anchor, a simple point of connection with flow inside your body. You and your clients can then tap into that flow recall trigger at any time, especially in moments of stress thus reconnecting with flow and your ability to go with it.
  • Aligning Your Flow Personality: When fully adopting the seven flow mindsets to facilitate flow, you maximise your chances of blossoming fully. Moreover, you experience yourself as an integral and unique part of a far greater reality, you live in unity with everything and everyone.

Cognitive Flow Alignment Triggers – What’s Available Inside the FlowHub7?

When using cognitive flow triggers we train the mind for flow and increase the number of times we experience flow on a daily basis. But this is only possible through solid flow habits. Your clients need to ritualise, meaning they frequently and somewhat automatically use the cognitive flow triggers. As a coach, holding your clients accountable in this process is crucial and easily done through the cognitive flow alignment triggers available in the FlowHub7. Let’s look at what you can gift your clients:

  • Flow Meditation Triggers: A whole host of guided meditations are available, and you can select the right one to meet specific clients’ needs.
  • Flow Recall Triggers: Deliver flow recall triggers and make sure to drum home their importance and power to your clients. Flow recall triggers are excellent tools to stay within the ebb and flow of your life flow.
  • Flow Mindset Rituals: Using the mindset triggers is a great way to consciously choose to live life in flow. Be an observer one day, play all day, the next! There’s a flow mindset for every day of the week!

Flow State Training – The Benefits of Using Cognitive Flow Alignment Triggers for Your Clients and Your Coaching Business

Using cognitive flow alignment is not only a powerful way to live life for you and your clients, but you can also adopt this awareness to scale your coaching business.

Intention setting, the seven flow mindsets, building solid flow habits and rituals around your business as well as an awareness of unity and collaboration will help your business thrive.

FlowHub7 – The Ultimate Flow State Training Resource

As a coach, you need to deliver the science and practical tools, and in FlowHup7, you have both. Moreover, your clients can study and experiment in their own time. In fact, FlowHub7 allows your clients to fully immerse themselves in flow, thus learning how to trust and live within the power of the river that is life.

Anita Alig

Anita Alig is an Integrated Energ an Integrated Energy Therapist, NLP, Meditation, and Flow Coach. She works with groups and individuals focusing on helping clients to reduce stress, find their flow, and uncover their true essence.

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