FlowCode – The science behind flow state

Would you like to experience reality where there is no doubt or fear, where there are no borders or boundaries, a world where anything is possible? Without that negging inner critic preventing you from achieving what you want … When you act spontaneously like everything is going your way … Where the power of your focus is fierce and you easily achieve the state of flow within every situation …

Do you want to have the ability to control the flow of time? Making it almost stop? Does existing in a seemingly timeless space while being deeply immersed into the present moment fill you with meaning and super positive vibes?

What about boosting your creativity & achieving peak performance every time around?

If yes, then your might want to read more about the science behind our Flow coaching concept. Get ready to flow!

The FlowCode: The complete roadmap to flow personality

The flow chart below represents 40+ years of development of flow state science based on many research papers & time proven concepts that were effectively put together by the team of experts from different fields of expertise.

The system includes a number of new and upgraded concepts, specific language adaptation and systematic simplification in order to achieve maximum comprehension of the flow philosophy.

It provides us with a clear overview of how to achieve the flow state and how flow evolves into a trait.

The basic intention is to create a personality that is as fluid as possible in any given circumstances and enables one to flow through life in a meaningful and fulfilling fashion.

Deep down on the level of body chemistry, there are two distinctive extremes of how we perceive reality, it is a binary game of fear vs trust, stress vs relax, so in essence everything boils down to this generalized feeling that we experience in the present moment.

Either you feel & act on the world in a fluid flow mode, engaging the task positive network where our thoughts, actions and outcomes are coherent and meaningful or you act out of fear engaging the default mode network in a perpetual survival mode with all of its accompanying anxieties and negatives.  

Each of the neurochemical extremes and everything in between is a driving or motivational force for different needs and values that arise based on either of states.

It is straight forward intuitive that a positive flow mode will spawn universal values such as acceptance, creativity, joy, love, wisdom …  and that fear mode is a sureshot breeding ground for fear based values that will inflict heavy burden on overall perception while hindering individual’s cognitive abilities to a survivable minimum.

FlowCode interventions are built on these channels, giving us a clear and effective way to program and facilitate the state of flow in a more controlled and deliberate manner.

Become a master of flow and unravel your superhuman potential with unique and revolutionary approach supported by highly scientific and time tested flow triggers & programs … a complete roadmap to your own flow experience.

Find your way into the flow … the most desirable state you want to be in. Join thousands of members around the world who are already changing their lives and the lives of everyone around them into a fascinating, joyous and magical experience… one breath at the time.

Join us in our efforts, to bring flow and unity across this fascinating world.

Let’s flow together!

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