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“FlowCode Golf Academy offers a state of the art approach to the golf mental game preparation based on years of experience & successes with top golf players of the world.”


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What is the golf mental game anyway?

Top golfers have know for years how important is the mental part of the golf game. As a famous quote from Bobby Jones states, “The most important part of golf is the six inches between your ears.”

The definition of golf ’s mental game is one in which you … the golfer … is fully integrated with all of the mental performance factors. Those factors include motivation, focused attention, emotional stability, physical state management, and committed execution. In other words, you need to know how and what to concentrate on, how to acquire an optimal and fluid mindset before every shot and how to be in control on the golf course. All that can be summoned into one word … FLOW.

FlowCode Golf Academy & the FlowCode Golf Coach courses in front of you have been created with the intention to share the latest know how and secrets from top professional golf players on how to achieve the state of flow in the game of golf … and doing it in effective and straightforward way. In short, we will teach you how to play fearless golf, how to play golf in a state of flow.

Flow leads to golf execution at the highest level. The principles of flow can all be learned. In fact, you have already experienced flow on the golf course in the past whether you know it or not. It happened when you scored way above your average and everything seemed to go your way, you were relaxed and in a perfect rhythm. You were little aware of the score, focused, enjoying the game, while everything felt easy as a summer breeze.

Based on latest neuroscientific evidence, we are finally able to explain what happens in our brains and bodies when we experience such a state. Flow® Golf Academy’s main objective is to effectively influence all the factors leading to flow in the game of golf.

Golf is a 100% mental game and as such requires us to develop a consistent and effective mental approach in which we want to experience optimal performance on the golf course.

Experience shows that most golfers do not undergo any mental training and solely rely on their technical improvements, so in many aspects this is a generally neglected part of golf practice.

On the other hand, research and experience from professional golfers show, that the right mental approach is crucial for tapping into the optimal golf performance, unveiling completely new layers & levels of advancements.

FlowCode Golf Academy combines experience of professional golfers, performance coaches and years of research from leading experts in the field of sports psychology, to educate you how to tap into your super human golfing potentials.

Whether you are a golf professional, competitive or recreational golfer, it equally applies to all … it will show you how to become your own flow coach and how to flow coach your golfing clients.

Dr. Rick Sessinghaus

Director of FlowCode Golf Academy & life long swing & golf mental game coach of Collin Morikawa

Rick co-founded FlowCode Golf Academy with the purpose of helping others realize their full potential and live their dreams.

FlowCode Golf Academy offers the same proven success formula that has helped athletes to anyone motivated to live like a champion.

Long intrigued by the fact that physical skills were rarely the determining factor in athletic success, Rick & the FlowCode team studied the mental and emotional skills that make or break a performance.

FlowCode Golf Academy is a proven system that can raise an individual or team’s level of performance regardless of where they are beginning by synthesizing the tools and methods of Olympic champions, top business executives, and others who have achieved a life of greatness.

Dr. Rick Sessinghaus / Golf Mental Game Expert / Golf performance coach
Golf performance system / FlowCode Golf Academy Logo

Welcome to the
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Flow Code Golf Academy Walkthrough


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