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Discover the World of Flow Golf

Discover the power of mastering the golf mental game, being 'in the zone' through a scientifically-backed, systematic approach. Unleash your potential with our comprehensive toolkit, designed for personal breakthroughs and professional excellence in golf.

7 day Free Course For Golf Coaches

Unlock your coaching potential with the “7 Day Free Flow Golf Coach Course” by FlowCode Golf Academy. Dive into the golf mental game with world’s top golf mental coach Dr. Rick Sessinghaus and transform your approach. Elevate your skills, empower your students, and experience peak performance in golf. Start your journey to mastery today.

7 day Free Course For Inspired Golfers

Embark on a transformative journey with the Become A Flow Golfer – 7 Day Free Introductory Course. Master the golf mental game with Dr. Rick Sessinghaus and FlowCode Golf Academy. Unleash a champion’s mindset, integrate flow techniques, and revolutionize your approach. Start your path to excellence in golf today!

7 day Free Course For Junior Golf Players

Transform your golf skills with our 7-day Free Course for Junior Golf Players, designed to enhance your golf mental game. Under Dr. Rick Sessinghaus’s expert guidance, young golfers will learn to master their mental approach, build a champion’s mindset, and smoothly incorporate flow techniques into their play. Become a junior Flow Golfer!

FlowCode is a framework of strategies, principles and techniques
that take us from fear to the state of flow, the state of optimal performance,
the zone where we become the best version of ourselves.