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Hi, I’m Rick Sessinghaus, PGA coach and coach for Collin Morikawa.

Stats has become a big thing for us in golf, and that’s a good thing because back in the day most of my students would tell me how their games were, but there was no proof. Now, obviously on the PGA Tour, we have shotlink and we get every single shot in the database. 

So working with Colin, we actually know week to week, round to round, what trends are happening, and we know he’s extremely good with approach shots. We know that he’s doing really well in some other areas, but sometimes week to week we may see a trend. It might be putting for one week. Did you change putters that week? Is it the speed of the greens, is it maybe the stroke is getting a little bit off? Was it a golf mental game part of it? But we look at now, why did we get to the level we want it to?

So for you, though, we now have MyRoundPro to actually help you keep your own stats. We didn’t have that. We used to put it on the scorecard. Right now, we know exact distances. We know where we’re leaving shots, we know how many putts.

All that information is very important. So that’s your reality check, where is your game now once you have that data? It’s of course important. What are you going to do with it? Well, I’m fortunate I get to work with Colin every single day and we can develop our practice plans around this.

We can think ahead, wow, this golf course is similar to another golf course and strategy wise. And sometimes it’s overwhelming, but I think with the simplified version of MyRoundPro, you’re at least going to get some ideas of your strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, what are you going to do with that data now? Well, let’s improve our practice. Let’s improve our course management skills. 

Let’s understand our patterns out there, right? We know Colin hits a fade. Well, guess what? His lines off the tees are going to be different than somebody who hits draws. What are your patterns? So now you can make better decisions and it’s all part of your golf mental game preparation. You can be more committed out there on the golf course and make less errors that are mental.

So start using stats as a way to develop better practice and better strategies to shoot lower scores.

FlowCode Golf Academy / Start with golf mental game training / Learn golf mental game coaching
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