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Hi, I’m Rick Sessinghaus, PGA coach and coach for Collin Morikawa.

It’s so key that to hit it off the center of the face, balance is so crucial. So here are my three favorite balance drills for you to be able to do.

First one, feet together drill, turn, turn and what we’re doing here is feeling the centeredness of the swing. Still, being able to stay over it. OK, try that. It’s going to be a little more challenging than you think.

Next one is called a flat foot drill. 

Here is where I’m trying to minimize somebody moving a lot laterally and getting too much all over their toes. So I want you to feel like your feet are just planted and they stay planted the entire swing. You’re going to feel more grounded as you do that.

Finally, it’s one of the basic ones. Can you hold your finish and do that until the ball lands? So full swing now? And then just wait until the ball lands before you can move.

You do those three drills, your balance is going to improve, which means your ball striking is going to improve. Visit our membership section to improve your golf mental game performance to strike more consistently.

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