Club & shot selection for a greenside shot / Golf mental game training

Learn about golf mental game with FlowCode Golf Academy.

Hi, I’m Rick Sessinghaus, PGA coach and coach for Collin Morikawa.

Chipping in around the green has a lot more to do with decision making sometimes than technique. So here the golf ball is just off of the green. The fringe is cut short. You have some options now. Some people I know don’t like chipping off the tight stuff, so option one is to putt. We know it’s going to roll through there. Maybe it gets off-line because it bumps through there, but usually distance control tends to be pretty good with the putter. 

Next are those that really don’t like to run it through the fringe as much, but they still like to see the ball go a little bit lower and be more of like a bump and run. So now I’ve chosen the nine iron and the ball is going to come out low and still run like a putt. 

And then finally, a lot of people said, no, I don’t like the low bump and run. I’d rather hit a club that has more loft, create a little more spin and be a little bit more aggressive. So I have my 56.

And so now we have different choices to make, right? But work to your strength, your golf mental game, I want you to be committed and comfortable over those shots for a better short game. Knock it closer. Make more putts. You lower your score.

Learn about golf mental game training with FlowCode Golf Academy.
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