Golf mental game – Distance control – How to make more putts

Hi, I’m Rick Sessinghaus, PGA coach and coach for Collin Morikawa.

Speed on putts is crucial. Speed sometimes is more important than line because if you can get really good at speed control, you certainly can start to match those lines.

Well, one way is to actually stop thinking so much about what’s happening here at the ball and the club and more out towards the target. So the first rule I want you to do is actually look at the hole, while you putt.

You play other sports like basketball and you’re looking at the hoop. You’re not looking at the ball. 

Baseball – you’re looking at the glove when you’re throwing. Sometimes we lose sight of where the target is at. So first rule, we set up, my eyes are looking at the target. They stay on the target and we stroke it. So I’m always looking at my target.

Make more putts by training your golf mental game

The next one is I actually want you to close your eyes during the stroke. So we set up, my eyes are closed. Now, a couple of things. I want you to remember where that hole is. And then when you hit it, think, did it go short or long? I take a peek. Eyes closed. I think that went long. OK? I actually went a little short. The feel of that. 

Now I am gonna put these together, so I get set up. I actually want to stare at that hole stare, stare, stare. Take a picture of it, bring my eyes back. Even though I’m looking at the ball, I’m seeing the hole. I’m seeing the target and this is all part of the golf mental game also.

So instead of us getting really mechanical with our attention at the ball and the club, I want your attention to be more towards the hole. Look at it first, close your eyes second and then take a picture of it, third, and I think your speed is going to get much better.

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Golf mental game – Distance control – Make more putts
Learn golf mental game
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