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Hi, I’m Rick Sessinghaus, PGA coach and coach for Collin Morikawa.

Are you having problems with fat and thin shots? Well, it really comes down to where is the club bottoming out in the arc?

We could do that many different ways, but let’s talk about some of the two main ones. First one would actually be where our body is. So I look alot at somebody’s sternum in the shot. So in this case, my sternum is probably up just behind the ball here.

And I would, of course, want to return it there. But if I was too far back, my club is most likely going to bottom out earlier and create a fat shot. There’s plenty of golfers where their sternum, as they come through the shot, now goes past the ball and then by the time the club bottoms out, it’s bottoming out way over here, which means I’m hitting the top of the ball. 

So we really want to be cognizant of how our sternum is throughout it. Now it is connected to how the hips work and such. But right now I want you to focus on the sternum staying over the ball through impact.

Next thing is how do we use our hands? Well, unfortunately, many of you overuse your hands, so you feel like you have to help the ball up in the air. And so instead of my hands being in front and hitting slightly down on it, we have either hit behind with all hands or we feel like we have to scoop it as we come through it. So controlling impact and having the hand stay a little more passive is going to help you.

Now the hands are going to be related to what the body does. So I’m a big believer that if your body is moving correctly, you don’t have to use your hands as well.

So that’s why if I start with the sternum back here, I’m going to have to do something with my hands. So start with sternum first, and even with some simple, small little feet together drills to feel like you can stay over the ball a little bit longer.

The next concept here, which has to do with your body, is your posture. Your posture is going to affect how you get back to the ball, too. So I have a lot of golfers whose hips go forward, their head goes back and they tend to top the ball.
So staying in posture, starting with some small shots is also going to help your contact. It’s related to where the sternum is going and it’s related to a lot of how you release the hands.

Complete body awareness is greatly boosted by applying golf mental game principles that you can learn by signing up for our FlowCode Golf Academy membership.

Start with some small swings with your feet together, do some small little chip shots keeping the hands passive and then finally feel like you stay in posture throughout. It is going to give you a better opportunity to strike it in the center.

Start with golf mental game training and learn golf mental game coaching with FlowCode Golf Academy.


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