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How does the World feel to you? Do you see your life experience as mostly positive or are you a little jaded? How do you see your Self?

These questions are meant to encourage us to look within and reflect on our overall perspective of Life. The benefit of this kind of introspection is that it clearly exposes whether you are living in Flow with the Universe or not. Do you see the outer world as beneficent and harmonious? Or do you think it is chaotic and dangerous? Your answers will define if you are capable of conscious self observation, which is a prerequisite for experiencing Flow.

State of Flow or State of Fear?

When Flow is your dominant disposition toward life, you are able to allow things within and outside yourself to simply be. This literally creates harmony and opens your consciousness to allow the mind and body to perform at peak levels effortlessly. So achieving and sustaining flow as often as possible is a goal worth achieving for anyone.

When we live in Flow, we are naturally friendlier, more sociable and authentic. Flow in action allows us to focus in on the Now, redirecting all of our Energy into the present moment. With this kind of focus, a person may be virtually unstoppable!

How to Flow on a daily basis?

If only tapping into flow state was easy, right? There are so many reported incidents of people having Flow experiences while deeply engaged in activity, but how does one get these benefits in everyday life? We’re not all professional rock-climbers so how can Flow be achieved for the common person?

The answer to all these questions lies within the FlowCode, a shortcut method that brings you into the state of flow state training on daily basis and within every situation. Never before has so much attention to detail and expertise been placed on bringing Flow into every person’s life. The movements, breathing techniques, and overall vibe of a FlowCode powered session is expertly designed to place you squarely within the Zone. Now you can experience the Flow and gain firsthand experience of this miraculous ability that allows us to live on a high vibratory level.

Learn to live without Fear, in Flow, with Power,
High Energy, and Grace.

FlowCode Golf Academy / Learn more about flow state training


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