Golf mental game coaching / The FlowCode Golf Academy podcast / Dr. Rick Sessinghaus / Die Golfschau

A refreshing and extremely interesting discussion about golf mental game training with Dr. Rick Sessinghaus who was just voted, by his peers, one of the 50 Best Teachers in America, who has been coaching Collin Morikawa for the last 17 years, and who is Director of FlowCode® Golf Academy.

Dr. Rick Sessinghaus speaks openly with Golfschau hosts Foerster & Horyna about player and coach growing together, creating an optimal state called Flow, about golf mental game training, about Junior Golf approach, about chocolate, and he reveals the swing thoughts that Collin Morikawa used to beat JT at the Workday Charity Open 2020. www.flowcode.golf

Start with golf mental game training and learn more about golf mental game coaching with FlowCode Golf Academy.

Visit FlowCode Golf Academy Podcast – Golf mental game training

Start with golf mental game training and learn more about golf mental game coaching with FlowCode Golf Academy
Flow Golf Podcast TV | Rick Sessinghaus & Hallam Morgan – Director of FlowCode® Golf Academy & life long mental & swing coach of Collin Morikawa, Golf mental game performance coach, PGA Pro.

Join weekly Flow golf podcast TV with Dr. Rick Sessinghaus & Hallam Morgan, discussing most pressing topics in golf’s mental game. Stay tuned for more. Subscribe to our channel or visit website https://theflowcode.com/golf-academy/ for more information.

FlowCode® Golf Academy has been created with the intention to share the latest know how and secrets from top professional golf players on how to achieve the state of flow in the game of golf in effective and straightforward way.

FlowCode® Golf Academy offers the same proven success formula that has helped athletes to anyone motivated to live like a champion. FlowCode Golf is a framework of golf mental game strategies, principles and techniques that take us from fear to the state of flow, the state of optimal performance, the zone where we play our best golf.

FlowCode Golf Academy / Start with golf mental game training / Learn more about golf mental game coaching

Attend weekly webinars to continue learning and improve through practice, sharing experiences, feedback & advices from FlowCode® Golf Academy education experts. It is an important part of your successful implementation of the FlowCode principles into your golf coaching practice.

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