Grip pressure / Golf mental game coaching tips

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Hi, I’m Rick Sessinghaus, PGA coach and coach for Collin Morikawa.

Making more putts has a lot to do with grip pressure. Grip pressure is crucial in golf, especially with the putter. So what I want you to experience is on a scale of one to ten, one being very loose, ten being very tight. I want you to find a grip pressure that you’re comfortable with starting now. 

It’s actually more important how you finish with this, but I want you to start at that number. For me, it’s about five. The key part is to be able to keep the ‘five’ pressure the entire time. The tendency is if I grip harder with one hand, let’s say my left hand, it will open the club face and if I squeeze with the right hand, it will close the club face, then the ball is not going to get started on line.

So let’s start with a good grip pressure, but more importantly, let’s stay at a good grip pressure. So my goal is to start with five and stay at five. Keeping that grip pressure, keeps the clubface square at impact.

The next thing that I think can really help smooth out your stroke and have less jerkiness is to putt with a metronome. Now a metronome, you have to get one on your phone and you might happen to be at 73 beats per minute. I’ll do a lot of practicing with that tempo to really feel smooth back and through.

So if I can control my club face by my grip, pressure staying the same and my tempo is the same over and over again, you’ll have less manipulations in your stroke and you’re going to make more putts. Remember … always work on your golf mental game alongside technical drills.

Learn about golf mental game with FlowCode Golf Academy.