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Best Golf Mental Game Training Tips
Flow Golf Podcast TV Episode 21 – Master your mental game

Thank you so much for taking your valuable time to watch this masterclass. I am so excited to be able to share with you. Years and years and years of development of something I’m very proud of, along with my team. Flow Code, Golf Academy and where it came from and where it’s going. And we would love for you to be a part of it.

So like you, you know, I was a golfer back in the day and I started golf when I was about 12 years old, and I got obsessed with it. I just loved playing and, at that time, you know, you’re just hitting the ball around finding it and just enjoying it. Right? And then as I got a little older and got a little more competitive I played some junior golf.

And then I was fortunate to play at Cal State Northridge, which is a Division One school here in California, and got to play at a pretty good level with some very, very good players. And I got to push myself to see how good I could get? Well, I got pretty good. But now that I look back at it, you know, I had a missing piece there that now as a coach, I wish I had me as a coach back then.

And that missing piece had to do with the mental side of the game. Right. Whenever I ask a new client, is the mental game of golf important? Everybody says, yes, yes, yes, I said, So do you train the mental game? And I get a blank stare, no wreck. I go, Huh? It’s kind of a disconnect, isn’t it?

We all know the mental game of golf is important. Hardly anybody is training it until now. And so what we want to do is help you be able to train. I believe the most important part of performance, the mental side and where we can look at that and understand like this is actually trainable. I can repeat this high level of performance over and over and over again, no matter the situation.

To me, that’s very powerful, isn’t it? So I went from going as a player. Then I became a coach, and I’ve been teaching golf for over 27 years. I got obsessed with the mental side only after I did the physical side. So what I mean by that is most people, when they have coaches, it’s all about the swing.

It’s all about the positions. And that is very, very important. And guess what part of Flow Code Golf Academy? We also believe that the mechanics are important. We have a whole section on that here yet sometimes. Have you worked on your swing? You see some results on the range, but you haven’t transferred it on the golf course.

Well, part of that is the mental side of the game. So I want to share with you what I did with some great players, including Colin Morikawa. How do we put a system together to help somebody go from swing mechanics to shooting lower scores? Well, that part is the mental side of the game. So I’ve been fortunate that I’ve been called Kiowas coach for 17 years now.

He was a little eight year old when I first saw him, and we had so much fun. The key word here was fun. When I gave him lessons, we certainly worked on his mechanics, yet at that time I had already kind of honed my system as a coach. I looked at the mechanics, I looked at the physical part.

But now could somebody take those skills out on the golf course when they needed them? That was the key And so Colin, among many, many, many hundreds of other students at that time, became my guinea pigs. And now I was training them in this system. And what I found throughout the years is that if we have fun, we challenge ourselves in different situations.

We play games and we help get you to a position where you can be at your best, the best state that you possibly can be. And that’s where we want to take it. It’s not about a perfect golf swing. And so when I took Colin from an eight year old to a top junior to an all-American at Cal to now on tour to a two time major winner, the system stayed the same.

Now the challenges might have increased, but when we look at you as a golfer, are you the same as Colin work workout, maybe not the same talent level? Maybe. Maybe not. Right. But we all, as golfers, have been out there right and we have some challenges, don’t we? So the mental game to me is a lot about how we create a solution for some of these mental game challenges.

I call them interferences. Sometimes we call them problems. Right. But what are some of those that every golfer I don’t care if you call it I don’t care for a 15 handicap that you’ve gone through that has nothing to do with your golf swing. Sometimes we have fear on the golf course to go in the water, sometimes we jump ahead.

OK, if I just get up in the last two holes, I get my best score ever. Sometimes we get distracted on the golf course, the right pace of play and who we’re playing with. And sometimes this gets us in a different state. So part of Slow Code Golf Academy is to help you find your optimal state. And that’s a key part because think about it again.

Are you always in that optimal state when you get on the golf course? Is there a little bit of anxiety? Is there a little bit of nervousness, a little bit of tension, a little bit about steering the ball? Don’t go over here. Right. We’ve all been through that. And sometimes you beat yourself up a lot. Right. And you’re saying some things I can’t repeat here on this masterclass, but you’re not being too kind to yourself, right?

Here with flow code, we believe that part of this journey is to challenge yourself. Part of it is to enjoy, part of it is to learn. This is not about beating yourself up, we all want to be better players, but let’s enjoy this more, OK? You spend the time and resources out there and I know you want to play well, but why don’t we start looking at more of the solution to this than just looking at the wrong things?

And so that’s what we have. We have a solution for you because when we look at you as the golfer, wouldn’t it be nice to have that framework that you can now understand what are my tools, what are my techniques, what are the strategies that you can implement to play in a flow state that offer that optimal experience through Golf Mental Game Training?

Right. When I’m at my best, what am I thinking, feeling doing right, turning that fear into flow when you’re playing now, golf in the zone, that’s what we want to do. That’s what we want to work with this passionate golfers like yourself to create a solution for you to enjoy the game and of course, shoot lower court, lower scores but what so in what’s so enjoyable for me as a coach is just like there’s many, many, many ways to swing a golf club and do it correctly.

There’s actually many, many different ways for you to tap into a flow state. And I am so excited when I get to work with a community of coaches who are the experts, the best of the best. We’ve been doing this a long time and we’ve put together these different Golf Mental Game Training tools for you to utilize and to me, it’s just a journey.

It’s our own path to now create that framework that we’re going to give you and have you now get to experience these different tools to help you again play golf in the flow. So one of our key things, remember, is let’s think about that golf. We already said golf, the mental game, is important. Most of you aren’t training for it.

It’s time to train for it. So we have a solution for you that is very self-study. You’re going to get the best of the best experts in the world on the mental game. You’re going to have us as coaches helping you go through that process from improving those scores. 

But I keep saying that I enjoy the game more to share a little bit more about what the solution is from a standpoint of when you sign up for flow, come we have the system in the framework, you’re going to experience it in some different ways here and in our online community.

So I like to now introduce one of the best coaches that I know who has helped me in our community create this. Hello, Morgan. I would love for you to share with our Masterclass participant here of how the flow coach system works and what are some of the services that we provide.

Rick, thank you very much for sharing your story and your journey with the mental game of golf. I’m now going to share a couple of the products that we provide to you. 

The golfer in order to help you move, as Rick said, from that state of fit into that state of flow, the place of optimal performance, and the zone where you play your best golf. The first option I want to explain to you is our 21 day flow golf challenge.

The 21 day flow challenge is your opportunity to experience or gain training like a major champion with Golf Mental Game Training. You can learn and experiment with some of the tools and techniques used by Colin, Mark Howell and his coach, Dr. Rick Setting House to lift the Claret Jug. In the challenge, you learn the wine, the what and the how of flow state.

So as you can master your mental game both on the golf course but also in life as part of the challenge, you got over 30 hours of exclusive flow coach golf academy content and you get a comprehensive 21 day program that you can complete with daily rituals, routines and habits. 

You also get access to three recorded coaching sessions with myself, where we do a deep dove into flow state and the science behind it.

On top of this, we provide a journal to ensure that you stay accountable throughout the 21 days and that you start your journey to becoming a fellow golfer with as much success as possible in order to gain access to a 21 day flow golf challenge, you’ll need to be a flow coach. 

Golf Academy Premium Member. All premium membership gives you access to over 700 flow triggers, programs and routines that take you from a state of fear into a state of flow and ultimately help you master your mental game.

We provide you the framework and you create your own personal blueprint for flight. If you’re an elite golfer, we have structured programs dependent on part of the season that you’re ready for, whether it’s the season, whether it’s pre season, off season, you have comprehensive structured programs that help you reach your optimum state when it matters most.

In addition to all of this content, we also run monthly live coaching sessions with Dr. Rick setting House, where he covers topics such as focus, confidence, emotions, and many, many more.

So again, you can do everything possible to understand these concepts and master your mental game. In addition to this, we have our basic flow coach, golf Academy membership. This membership gives you access to all the techniques, triggers, and tools. 

So you can build your own personal blueprint for flow and continue to practice the daily habits, routines and rituals that are so important in building a flow personality.

There’s also a great five day kickstart program to help you start your flow routines. I hope this video’s helped you understand a bit more information about all our offerings for golfers, and I look forward to welcoming you to the Flow Coach family.

Thank you so much for going over that. I mean, we have a lot of stuff in our Flow Code Golf Academy, which we’re very, very proud of as coaches to help you as the golfer reach new levels of performance and again, where we want to talk to passionate golfers, which I know you are, to be able to play better golf and enjoy it.

I’m excited because I’ve gone through learning about the mental game, becoming a coach of it, becoming an expert of it, and then looking at how we create that framework for all golfers, not just major championship winners.

And what I want to emphasize is that within you is great golf already. You’ve played it before. You’ve been in a flow state before. We just want to help you train that which is a trainable skill through this platform. And yes, there are so many tools, as you can see here, yet it’s going to be fun experiencing these different things, experimenting with some of these different things.

You may not have thought it was related to golf. And that’s what I’m excited about is that we have tools that are going to help you on and off the golf course. So I think it’s time now to find out what your flow code is.

Best Golf Mental Game Training Tips
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