Golf mental game coaching / How to create a post shot routine

Importance of a Golf Post Shot Routine

Do you have a post shot routine? Probably not.

A post shot routine is literally what do you do after the shot and part of your golf mental game coaching practice. So a lot of people, they’ll hit their shot. Hit a poor shot. Get mad. Say a few choice words and try to move on. All that emotion, all that frustration leads to the next bad shot over and over and over again. So we want to actually manage our emotions through the use of a post shot routine.

Most people, when they hit a poor golf shot, immediately blame the swing. It might be true, but as a mental coach, I also look at whether you are even committed to the shot in the first place. Did you have a clear target? Did you pick the right club? Did you have simple swing thoughts? If the answer is “no”’, then you’re not committed. Thus, it’s a mental error.

Now other times you may say “no, no, no. I felt good over it. I like this club. I felt good over it, but I made a poor swing.” Fine. We’re all going to make poor golf swings. But do you know why the ball went where it went? I think a lot of golfers get confused on the golf course because they see poor shots and they’re not sure why. If you don’t know, then I recommend hiring a local PGA instructor to help you.

Boost your golf mental game coaching approach

Now, if you can hit a shot, you’re not happy with and understand why it occurred then you can at least move on in a better way. So a post shot routine is about managing emotions. Now, another thing I want you to do with your post shot routine is actually celebrate great shots.

If you hit a really good shot internally, go “good job, way to go”. You make that putt against your buddies then do a little fist pump. Let’s remember the great shots also is an important part of the golf mental game.

By utilizing a post shot routine to manage your emotions, you’re going to enjoy the game more, and you’re also going to shoot lower scores.

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