Start with your golf mental game preparation / Pre-round warm up

How often do you screech into the parking lot? Run out, get to the first tee and actually still expect to play well without paying any attention to the golf mental game approach.

Come on. Do yourself a service and actually warm up and have a pre round routine. So a pre round routine is really about a few things. First off, warm up the body. Seeing tour players get ready, sometimes they’re getting to the actual course an hour and ten minutes beforehand.

They’ve already done some light stretching at the hotel. They come here to the course on the range and they may go through three to five of their favorite stretches, maybe some tight areas of the hips or the lower back to get their body ready next.

Yeah, they’re going to start with some small little pitch shots to get the feel for the club, but also we’re warming up in a slow manner. Next, they’ll go through their back. Maybe it’s Sandwich eight, iron five Iron Hybrid Driver and hit a few with each club.

And here you’re actually emphasizing tempo. This is not a warm up as in a golf lesson or I got practice. I got to fix this. I saw this tip that I got to use. This is about warming up.

It’s about your tempo for the day and it all a part of your daily golf mental game routine. I like to swing it 80%. So each one of my shots on the range is 80%. Finally, what I want you to do is to start to wake up the mind a little bit in your warm ups and actually go through a couple of pre shot routines.

How to create your golf mental game routine?

Maybe it’s a par three, for instance. It’s a longer par three and you know you’re gonna hit a hybrid and actually get yourself to go through as if you were going to play and we actually pick a target out in the distance.

We take the practice swing and then we actually go for it. Now I’m actually going through a full routine, getting ready to get on the golf course. My body’s warm. My mind is starting to pay attention and focus, and now I’m one step closer to getting ready to go to the first tee.

Certainly, then you’d spend some time on the practice green. You’d actually hit some long putts to get some speed, some short putts, some routines. If the facility has a couple of chips, right, I’d be nice to get your feel down.

Now, do you have to be there an hour and ten minutes beforehand? Might not work for your schedule. Give yourself 20 minutes, at least to get the body ready, the mind ready, so you can enjoy the game and play better.

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