Rick Sessinghaus on coaching Collin Morikawa and achieving peak golf mental game performance

Dr. Rick Sessinghaus is a Mental Performance Coach, Author, Speaker, and Golf mental game coaching expert, Trainer for high performance golfers. Rick has been a golf mental performance coach for some of the top amateur golfers and teams in college, and is currently the Swing and Golf Mental Game coach for one of the top golfers in the world, PGA Tour winner Collin Morikawa.

In this conversation, Evan Burk talks with Rick about his golf mental game coaching journey with top PGA golfer Collin Morikawa, the background and mental setup that helped separate Collin to become one of the top golfers in the game, and what it takes to master peak performance on and off the golf course.

Tune into this episode to hear:

  • Rick’s journey from swing coach to mental performance coach
  • How peak performance at the highest levels of Golf has evolved in recent years
  • Rick’s coaching journey with Collin Morikawa
  • What separated Collin Morikawa from other golfers his age as an amateur
  • The influence of Collin’s parents on his development as a person and a player
  • How Rick helped Collin create a 4-5 year plan to become a Division 1 golfer by combining long-term focus with metrics along the way
  • The moment of defeat where Rick knew that Collin had a chance to be great
  • How Colin Morikawa prepares for the Masters
  • The importance of the people that surround you in an individual sport like golf
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