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Hi, I’m Rick Sessinghaus, PGA coach and coach for Collin Morikawa.

I have the need for speed. We all want to hit the ball farther. I get that, but unfortunately many of you are doing it the wrong way. So two concepts for you.

One is tempo. The other one is the actual sequencing of it. Tempo is so important. Swinging at 100% actually does not equal more distance. I want you to find that best tempo for you. Usually, it’s 80% with irons, maybe 85 to 90% with the driver.

Find your best tempo. You have to hit it off the center of the face for the ball to go the furthest distance. Next thing, and sometimes even more important as we get to longer clubs, is actually your sequence.

So often people have that nice, pretty practice with practice swings, don’t they? Oh, that’s great. But then when they get over the ball, all hell breaks loose. So they’re sequencing changes. So a simple drill here is to turn around the iron and then we want to hear a whoosh near the ball.

Many of you will have the wish that happened way up here. We have changed the sequence, all the energy is over here instead of where the ball is. So proper sequencing. Think about throwing a ball. We step, we turn.

We throw. If I did it in the opposite direction, I throw. I turn, I step. It’s not going to go very well. So when you put these together, we have an 80% swing. And I had the proper sequencing.

Proper sequencing can be trained with golf mental game sequencing shortcodes that you can find in FlowCode Golf Academy membership. Visit our website for more information

I’m going to create the maximum speed for my frame, so work on your tempo. Work on your sequencing to start to create some more speed.

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