Flow state coaching / How is FlowCode connecting coaches from all over the world

FlowCode coaches cooperate exchange experiences and share good flow state training practices. Why is this important to us?

Coaching can be an individualistic business, everyone struggling for themselves, nobody you can turn to when you need some advice or just somebody to complain about after a challenging session. 

As a coach, you need inspiration, a sense of mission, purpose, a source of energy you can draw from to empower your clients.

At Flow Global Initiative, we strive to be that source, the community of like-minded coaches that spread the mission of flow, teach FlowCode and flow state coaching, inspire each other, assist each other.

flow state coaching platform
flow state coaching platform

Community, solidarity, connecting with others, exchanging experience – all of this is vital for your business and the growth of you and your clients. 

In the business of coaching, well-being, and health, this is not the case, and it’s a pity it is so. Because of that, we are all losing, including our clients. 

There is so much knowledge and experience, sadly, that it often stays in somebody’s office. 

Here, at the FlowCode Coaching Academy, we decided to take an active role by building a community of coaches like you in the strong network: we started connecting coaches, ambassadors, education experts, researchers, and developers, to bring the awareness of flow broader. We aim to become a central organization that is providing quality materials & tools of all levels to facilitate coaches’ work and present a unified flow front, strong and inspired to spread the mission further.

And this is not just a flow story; the more we are in flow, the closer we are to Unity. Our Project, Unity NGO, was developed to bring flow culture to life and share flow principles and concepts with the general public on all levels. It is an exciting paradigm for personal and societal change, a common ground, a ground for all of us to grow from and create a new, improved society based on Unity.

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