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The importance of group flow state coaching & membership offerings

Most coaches are trading their time for the dollar; they limit themselves to working with more clients simultaneously.

What exactly do we mean by that? The one on one coaching has many limitations:

  1. One day has just so many hours, which means you mathematically can’t scale your business. You can’t take more clients in.
  1. Despite being time & energy consuming, it’s hard to charge prices that justify your work and preparation time, especially in the times we face.
  1. Clients can also be scared of committing to 1:1 coaching sessions that automatically mean higher fees without even understanding what coaching with you looks like, how they will get along with you as their coach, what they get, how it will benefit them etc.

As a result, we suggest you start thinking BIGGER. The answer is hiding in the old saying: “WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER.”

And one solution to these challenges is for sure to deliver your work 1:many.

Why does group coaching work to your benefit?

When a group coaching program is done right, clients develop a relationship with you and the group members and gradually grow their trust. Moreover, they start trusting the process – and they stay on track & accountable for it. And what’s the most important: they stay with you long term.

Flow state coaching / One on one sessions
Flow state coaching / One on one sessions
The best part is: with practicing group coaching; you get the freedom to focus on what you know how to do best & enjoy the most – coaching; being creative, leading, helping, and fulfilling your mission at a higher level!

To summarize the benefits of group coaching for your clients: 

  • Working in a group, sharing the social flow and wisdom 
  • Working toward common goals
  • Fixed timings and accountability
  • The positive effects of group dynamics
  • Development of support and trust within the group
  • Teamwork and growth in this regard
  • Collaborative mindset
  • It’s simply more affordable

Benefits of group coaching for you – the coach: 

  • Better use of your time
  • Increased and more predictable income 
  • Capacity to reach more clients
  • Faster business growth
  • Better value for your clients
  • Less complicated scheduling
  • Possibilities of up-selling and cross-selling

At the Flow Global Initiative, we offer an enormous library of FlowCode practices.

We see that many coaches are afraid of group coaching because they don’t have the tools. They are used to 1:1 coaching with the personalized approach, talking with clients, and focusing on the discussion aspect, which cannot take place in the same way in group coaching, thus lacking the confidence to do this upgrade of their offer.

Our FlowHub7 Portal and coaching tool offer 700+ techniques and programs from breathwork, meditation, movement modalities to audio, visual, cognitive triggers, rituals, etc. 

Coaches can play these techniques at their sessions, plus they can recommend them to clients as homework, as a way to practice flow daily, ritualize it, and genuinely start shifting their lives. 

Membership coaching

Looking at group coaching further, membership coaching is an idea we think you should consider.

How does membership coaching work in the practice?

You offer a monthly membership/subscription in which a specific scope of your services is included. You can offer different packages of different price ranges depending on the included scope.

For example: offer your availability for a group session three times per week (and maybe some additional services) for a certain fee. Your clients can come once, twice, or three times per week, whatever works for them, the price is fixed per month. 

The next level can be, for example, six times per week plus one 1:1 session or another service.

In membership coaching, it’s good you give clients homework, you offer them advice, biohacks, motivational messages, etc. This way, they feel they are members of your club, and the membership is justified.

Let’s go through quick offer calculations:

Your membership can cost, let’s say, 50 USD.

You can start easy, just with five people, because this type of coaching does not require much engagement. Later, each member of your group can bring a friend or two, and your club will quickly grow.

With 30 people in the club, a community that holds each other accountable, keeping the group flow high, you are earning 1500 USD per month with no more work than the five initial members, and you can continue growing.

These sessions are best to be done online. Of course, if possible, you can couple them nicely with an additional live session or workshop (maybe even outdoors). And with a community of eager participants, you can rest assured that it would not be hard to charge well and get enough people participating.

At the FlowGlobal Initiative, we have our FlowHub7 Portal that runs on a monthly membership, and our coaches would usually offer it within their monthly memberships. Hence, it’s not just their services that are offered but also tools clients can use in between sessions to ritualize flow.

It is you that arranges the tool for the client, and it is you that guides them through their journey. In that regard, your clients need you as a support system, as a glue between sessions & homework in the longer run. 

You teach them how important it is that they practice daily, even if just for a few minutes, how important it is to install these new habits and then couple this with your regular sessions, workshops, and 1:1 coaching. 

This is what makes coaching truly effective and increases your client retention.





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