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As humankind we have found ourselves in the midst of unprecedented circumstances following the global viral pandemic that is sweeping throughout the world. The current pandemic has cut deeply into our comfort zone and sense of security. And as it is with such events, anxiety and fear epidemic goes with it hand in hand, one amplifying the other.

Sense of security is one of the fundamental and deepest human needs. One of the key anxiety drivers is connected to the loss of control over the situation. We cannot see the virus, but it is obvious it is around us, we can’t avoid it, we can’t really hide from it. It is here …

As measures are being taken, the crucial question remains: how do we respond to it, as individuals and as a society.

We live in a global world and as fear and frustration sweeps through all communication channels, the stress levels are reaching acute levels … while snowballing fear and anxiety are a perfect recipe to further bring down our immune system.

The second problem we face is that we are living in a society that is plagued with alarming chronic and mental diseases. We have adapted to taking the following figures for granted, and all of the following are the causes damaging our collective immune system bit by bit:

– over 80 % of world’s population already lives under stress, while science proves stress diminishes the immune system greatly … furthermore social media scare adds to this already acute state, driving anxiety levels to the extreme and flooding our bloodstream with stress hormones

– 500 million already fighting off depression & anxiety syndrome, becoming extremely susceptible to both chronic and viral diseases

– over 2 billion people are obese, while obesity is known to substantially impair immune function

– almost 1 billion people suffer from asthma & other respiratory diseases, which are the most likely candidates to develop acute response to the virus attacking already weakened respiratory system

– 3 billion people suffer from cardiovascular diseases & hypertension leading to even more chronic inflammation

– over 2 billion suffer from allergies, 500 million suffer from diabetes, all known chronic diseases that undermine our resistance to infections

This all is leading to an inevitable critical conclusion …
“It’s time for a paradigm change.”

If we were all in great physical & mental shape, the virus would have no one to attack. But unfortunately it is not so and we have our share in it with the lifestyles we have lead.

The virus attacks mostly individuals with the mentioned pre-conditions and that’s why we need to rethink our strategy and put a great deal of our focus on boosting our immune system on all possible levels. It is our responsibility, both to ourselves and to everyone else.

Getting in flow is proven to massively boost our immune system through numerous research and that’s why flow may become one of the key weapons against fighting viral pandemics. It’s effects exhibit anti-depressant effects, directly lowering the anxiety levels by calming down the activity of the prefrontal cortex and the amygdala, our fear center.

It positively influences our endocrine system by flushing flow state neurochemicals into the system, giving us the feeling of happiness and fulfillment. It drives us automatically from stress to the direction of comfort, from fear to flow.

We need to take action and also set up another front to fight the virus that causes severe respiratory problems. And that means re-examining how we breathe and how correct breathing boosts our immune system by optimizing our O2/CO2 gas exchange, causing our body to go into healthy, regenerative mode, a mode where our immune system gets a chance to fight off the virus.

With powerful breathing techniques, meditations, flow triggers and a wide range of other proven and researched tools we are able to efficiently cut away from a vicious cycle of stress, massively boost our immune system and turn ourselves into a resistant and healthy flowing antivirus fortresses.

We are in this together, and if nothing else, the situation teaches us that we are all profoundly linked to each other on many levels .. that we are all a part of one unity.

We all breathe the same air … so let’s breathe together.
The change starts with us … it starts now …

What are you gonna do?

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Learn more about flow state training and flow state coaching with FlowCode Coaching Academy


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