It’s not necessarily what you do, but how you do it / Flow state training

There are a wealth of health enhancing practices to adopt these days, from Breath-Work to Yoga, the choice is yours.  I know this more than most, since I (David Florence – Author) have been exploring a variety of methods and flow state training practices to enhance my physical and mental health, for the last three years, as chronicled in my YouTube channel – Evolution of Dave.


Today, we are all fortunate, that thanks to modern technology, we have everything at our fingertips and a constant flow of information ready to consume.

This of course presents us with an initial problem, which wellness avenue to choose, not everyone can do what I did and for many, the lack of assumed free time, presents a problem.

Well, therein lies the truth, it is not necessarily important which avenue or practice you opt for, but instead, how you intend to use the knowledge acquired to your advantage.

In fact, ‘intent’ or ‘intention’ is the key word here.

So let’s say, you decide that Yoga is your chosen health enhancing protocol, well good for you, Yoga, in its various forms is a wonderful way to keep your mind and body in check and if used regularly and correctly, will keep you active, mentally strong and with a healthy physiology right into your later years.

However, if you choose this practice, learn a particular style, become proficient at it, but stick only with this technique, religiously applying it to your daily routine, without experimentation, adaptation or play, it may not be enough to keep you in a healthy state, especially if that rigidity affects your psychology and becomes an obsession.

You see, the mind and body function best when challenged, when faced with obstacles, in fact, opting to keep your mind guessing and not falling foul of subconscious routine, is actually a really important tool in itself.

By choosing one practice and expecting that one practice, performed daily in rigid fashion to be enough, unfortunately, could still mean you fall foul of physiological or psychological disease.

Finding ‘Flow’ in your life, comes with practice, but also comes with an intention to that ‘flow’, in other words, consciously deciding each day how you are going to move, breathe, interact and feel your way through the waking hours.

Making use of your senses, from kinaesthetic (how we move and make use of our musculature) to Chemosensory (activating the ‘inner pharmacy’ of body derived chemicals) throughout the day is far more important. A walk to work through nature, choosing to run up that hill, touching and feeling the natural and manmade obstacles that we pass, engaging with our fellow humans in a positive way, consciously aware of our breath, lifting, pushing, pulling. In this way, we make use of our body’s many functions, we engage all our senses, we live as we once did, before the creation of ‘things’, manufactured to make our lives easy.

Do practice Yoga, do try Breath-Work, do Meditate, and do go for a run……just don’t expect that one thing to be your panacea to life.

By exploring, playing, and experimenting with all that the world has to offer, we may just find a healthy balance and steer ourselves away from the stresses, strains and maladies that are ever present in today’s world.

This engagement of your senses is one doorway to ‘Flow’, there are many more.

Establishing a structure to your day that encompasses a variety of health enhancing practices and principles can be tricky, many of us have the perception that our free time is limited and don’t have the knowledge of which practices will benefit them the most.

So together with Flow Global Initiative, I would like to introduce you to The Evolutionary Flow Program. This simple to follow program will introduce you to ideas and practices that can be easily ‘cro-barred’ into your day, giving you simple, fast, actionable steps and practices that will:

·       Improve your overall physiology

·       Boost your immune system

·       Provide fast tools to combat stress & anxiety

·       Strengthen your psychology and in particular help reduce fear

·       Establish a proven, scientifically researched, path to better health and wellness

·       Lastly, encourage regular ‘Flow State’ experiences (those ‘in the zone’ moments) – this is the icing on the cake and one that we should all seek in our search for better health and wellness, since in these moments, we really are on top of our game.

Sign up to the 10 day introductory Evolutionary Flow Program here:


Learn more about flow state training with FlowCode Coaching Academy.