Let flow into your heart

OUR HEART is not only an organ that pumps blood to the body but it is a place of LOVE.  It pumps love to every corner of our physical body and our emotional being. It is a very special gift that we have been blessed with.

The rhythm of the heart can take you to a place of calm and peace.  We feel LOVE & HAPPINESS from our hearts and we share, give and receive from our hearts as well. When we feel love everything around us looks beautiful, we are able to feel joy, gratitude, love and able to create abundance. It’s about being in the moment and appreciating every little thing in life. The heart is the one of the most powerful organ and yet most of the time this BEAUTIFUL HEART is taken for granted.


Though love comes from the HEART, pain too is felt in the heart. We have all heard of the Broken Heart Syndrome, a situation brought in by extreme emotions and stressful situations. The suffering we feel in our HEART when someone dear to us is taken away unexpectedly is beyond describable.

All sorts of emotions like anger, grief, guilt, disbelief, shock and extreme sadness will engulf us, leaving us feeling helpless. Some people will spring back to feeling better after going through the 5 stages of grief that is Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance or even earlier. However, some will take time to get back.

The danger is when one refuses to let go. Sometimes people can get stuck I any of the stages mentioned and become really depressed and heart broken.

The pain people endure with all sorts of abuse be it physical or emotional abuse is unimaginable. It is the same when someone is suffering from an illness, loss of a job/finances/home, separation and many more. Some people do things aside and move on with life. But then, no matter what you do, there will be a feeling of emptiness. Nothing you do will seem enough until you get to the root of it and get help or willing to look deep within your emotion and work on yourself to get the FLOW back in life.


When we are heart- broken everything we see is like a never ending road.

We not only block the people from our lives and also shy away from going anywhere or doing anything fun but also fail to see all the small things we have been blessed with as compared to others.  Most of the time when we are sad, we miss out on the beauty and the possibilities around us. The heart needs to heal and for that we must give that space within us to grief. People do put on a mask sometimes and pretend that everything is alright with them when internally they are really hurting. Showing the world that you are strong and can handle everything is one thing, but showing yourself that you need a shoulder to cry on is absolutely the REAL DEAL. You are being your AUTHENTIC SELF and this is when your heart HEALS.


Step out of that Circle and OBSERVE “ YOU”

Becoming an OBSERVER is a vital Step in changing our behavior and emotional reaction. Being an Observer gives our mind a new way to create and maintain the state of flow, the ultimate state that give you inner peace and empowerment. It allows us to see what is really happening within us than looking for solutions outside. When we start paying attention to ourselves deeply we become aware of the very subtle emotions, impulses, feeling on our body and behaviors associated with it. This state of mind is a very different mental process than in our normal mode of operation. It is a very focused attention on observing the breathing, emotions and thoughts.

Being an Observer gives us and outside perspective on our experience, which is a great way to solve our own issues. Most of the time we are good in giving advice to others but when the same situation hits us, we are so lost. Hence OBSERVER MINDSET is a great technique to see what is really happening so you can get out of the negative emotions sooner.

Life as we say is not a bed of roses. We all have had our share of emotional roller coaster of not being able to deal with our emotions. This is because we are in a very fast paced world. Our thoughts are always on how to get back onto the ‘day to day’ rhythm so as to pick up from where we left before the emotional disruption. I have also had my share of emotional ups and downs and it took me a few years to come to terms with my situation because I was always putting up a brave front. But once my heart was ready, help came flowing in. I learnt very soon that I needed to love myself more to allow that FLOW into my HEART.


There are so many ways we can heal to allow that flow back in our lives…

Crying is a great way to release anger and sadness. Speaking to a friend is also good as it will give you some relief but then getting professional help with counselling will give you a lot of CLARITY. Meditations and Deep Breathing is a great technique that you can implement as a daily routine. This takes the focus away from whatever emotional trauma you are experiencing and help you focus on the positivity. Spend time in nature, as nature helps to heal at your cellular level


FORGIVENESS Coupled with LOVE: The Magical Portion to HEAL YOUR HEART

When you put the past into its place, you will experience flow in your heart. You will feel like a ton of weight has got off your chest. When we carry the hurtful and bitter experiences from the past you will be dragged back. It will feel like the past is the present and all your future decisions are ruled by this “PRESENT”, which is based on confusion, hurt, sadness and guilt. In short you will be creating your future living in the past.

Forgiveness is to let go. It is not about forgetting or allowing hurt to be perpetuated again. Forgiveness is about moving past the traumas that hold us in their claws, with unrelenting power.

To forgive is to take back your POWER, put life into perspective and learn the lessons that we all must learn.

Forgiving is powerful. It’s the soul’s ability to cleanse away the hurts that cling tightly. This is a form of creating freedom for yourself to allow you to truly move on. Forgiveness is essential in overcoming a separation or an unfair treatment by someone in your life. Everyone has something that they can be forgiven but MOST IMPORTANTLY, Forgive yourself!

Forgive yourself  

  • for not being able stand up
  • for not MAKING the right choice,
  • for not allowing yourself to heal for so long,
  • for wanting to be right all the time,
  • for not saying NO.
  • for not being able to express
  • for not being able to listen

No one is perfect and we all do make mistake. Letting go of guilt, sadness, anger, hurt is the path towards FREEDOM, SPACE & FLOW in your HEART.

Meera Nair – Flow Education Expert

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