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Let it flow! 3 Super effective steps to get into the Flow state with your clients

Beginning of the Flow state coaching

My work with clients mostly revolves around helping them get to the root causes of their suffering to help them get the clarity to design a roadmap that will unleash their full potential. Clients come to me when their nervous systems have gone into fight, flee, or freeze because they are going through high levels of stress. They usually feel that something is missing in their lives but they cannot tap into it. More often than not, they have achieved what they had cherished but they now feel afraid of either losing it by external circumstances or not being able to live up to the standard. Sometimes they tell me they feel like an impostor, sometimes they share they feel they are not good enough, sometimes they have become anxious because they cannot micromanage everything in their lives.

I feel them. I have been there.

I am quite convinced that most therapists arrive at our careers after experiencing a lot of what our clients are going through. One of the first actions I invite clients to take is to sit in the seat of their awareness. I am smiling as I write this because when I tell them this, their first response is, “Sorry I’m not into meditation”. They are not aware what flow state is about. They start to open their contracted selves when I tell them that all I am asking them to do is to develop an inner being that observes what is happening to them without reacting to that. I sometimes tell them to imagine they are watching their own life movie and to observe closely their movie’s main character, i.e. THEM. I also empower them to discern between the voice of Self and the voice of Ego.

Brief intro the Flow State training

The voice of our Self is wise. It is free from old conditioning and limiting beliefs. It is the desire, needs, and clarity that come from our innermost beings. Ego, in contrast, is our less developed self. It is the part of us that fears what others will think and that refuses to make mistakes at all costs. Ego is fed by our outside worlds – our families, our schools, our culture, and all the “should-s” and “must-s to” we are hypnotized to following. This is a very challenging task because when we feel trapped in the machinery of achieving and standing out, it is very difficult to find the clarity to separate wheat from chaff.  It is a place for the flow state training. That is why, it is so important to lower the activity in our minds to be able to listen to the voice of Self. The million-dollar question would be how to do that, please? This is where Flow state coaching can help you.

Flow State Science

The FlowCode is a brilliant tool because it favors liberating space in our minds through different triggers or actions conducive to the flow. The FlowCode will teach and help you downregulate activity in your prefrontal cortex to help the mind act in improved ways, reach new conclusions and function way beyond your normal capacity. To access the voice of Self, we absolutely need to be able to understand the Flow State Science, get to a state of transient hypofrontality or temporary slow activity in our pre frontal cortex. When we get there, we start living in the zone. Why? Because we can live in the here and now. The problems of the past belong to the past and our imaginary fears about the future dissolve because we are in the now, where we experience great discernment. That is exactly what a coach who is trained in the FlowCode will teach you.

In a Flow State:

  1. The brain is freed from mental clutter
  2. Your creativity and productivity are improved
  3. You can do without fear
  4. You operate in a task oriented network, thus, new ideas and optimal performance emerges

In my experience using the FlowCode with clients, what they are grateful for the most is learning to live in a state of acceptance of their challenges and seeking opportunities to grow from a place of confidence. They feel more joyous, clear about their needs, serene, and motivated from the inside out.

As I mentioned in the title, I encourage you to get your Flow coaching and training. You are going to learn to reverse engineer a lifestyle that is fast paced and frantic at times and you will be able to manifest life on your own terms.

Georgina holds a M. Sc in Education. She’s a Transformational, Life and Strategic Intervention Coach. Her therapy is infused by her training in Coaching, Transpersonal Psychology and her specializations in Mindfulness, NLP, Neuroscience and Flow states. Georgina builds a trusting client-coach alliance to help her clients get the clarity to see the root causes of their challenges, enhance their inner strengths and adopt empowering beliefs to unleash their full potential. She has helped clients from all over the world for 24 years.

Georgina Hudson, M. Sc





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